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    Amazing guide, and extremely detailed. Thanks alot @Sterling for that!

    However, I have a question, and pardon me if it is retarded but.....

    Ive followed your guide, set everything up..... now....... what am I suppose to do?

    Go to the AH, press "Shopping", start a scan of the Jewelcrafting group, and simply buy every single gem that is less than 100% of my max price?
    What should I craft, or rather, how do I start crafting the good stuff?

    All this seems very blurry to me, and it is most likely just me not being smart enough, since the majority of you guys seem to get it...

    So, is there any kind one out there, that would be so nice and explain this in detail to me? :>

    Kind regards,

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    Well let's see, it's been awhile since I read the guide in detail and I've already got everything set up, so I could be missing something but:

    1. Burning Crusade: Do you have the relevant rep? If not don't buy more than a handful of each gem yet, as you have some dungeons to run. Start working on the rep.

    2. Lich King: Do you have any patterns? If not start working on the JC dailies. I probably sell the basic Red gems best, so focus on those patterns and buy some Cardinal Rubies.

    3. Cata: Same thing. Gotta build up those gem cuts to make any gold. Head to stormwind and get those dailies. For the Cata gems, you probably should buy up just about every uncut gem you can find, as they are pretty rare.

    As an aside, @Sterling, I noticed a very small bug in your guide; in the TBC section you have what is supposed to be a link to the Isle of QuelDanis, but it just has the HTML tag and the zone ID, but no link.

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    So I set this up over the weekend, and it seems to be working. Right now I am pulling 1.5-2k/day in TBC gems, with 2-3 competitors.

    One thing that jumped out at me is that red gems make up 70% of my sales. Blues and yellows account for another 25%. Everything else is basically lost gold, to the tune of 250 gold per day lost in listing fees. So I'll definitely be tweaking groups and operations to split the gems into good and bad sellers.

    Another thing I am wondering about are Wotlk/Cata gems. I've been doing the dailies, and have enough tokens to start buying some of the blueprints. But is there really a market for these guys? Their stat values are identical to TBC gems, so why would anyone buy them?... I'll probably start by buying stat combos that aren't seen on TBC gems, but then we'll have to see. The size of the market might not justify doing dailies for half a year to get all the patterns.

    edit: Great guide, though. I just came back to WoW after a looong hiatus, so low-effort ways of making gold is what the doctor ordered while I get myself reoriented (smelting is working like a charm too =).
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    @Chromed this guide is pretty old so yes indeed, some changes are needed.

    You're correct about the WotLK gems. Almost no need for them anymore.
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