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    Small and maybe a short lived boost in glyph sales.

    Over the past few days I have noticed a nice increase in glyph sales. This may be a bit server dependent and higher population servers are probably seeing more of a boost. I have noticed I'm selling a good number to the same toon. At first I thought it was all new Worgen just grabbing all the glyphs they could use but after selling over 100 glyphs yesterday I looked a couple of them up on the Armory. It seems a good number of them are either people dusting off their alts or yet another wave of people coming back to the game after, most likely, receiving Cataclysm for Christmas.

    Combine this with the fact that many scribes that failed to stockpile inks or those who only had a small stock pile are simply not crafting lower level glyphs and you have an opportunity to make some gold.

    I guess the reason for this thread beyond bringing this to your attention is to ask if any other scribes have seen a boost in sales the past few days.
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    I'm not nearly as aggresive with the glyph market as i was pre cata but i have noticed glyph prices raising quite a bit over the weekend and making a few more sales than normal. Perhaps you can blame a lot of kids/teens getting Cata for christmas =P Either way maybe i need to do a few more cancel/reposts than normal, i've just been doing 48h posts and reposting once they expire =X
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    Lots of people with more time on their hands due to the holidays + Not many people into doing anything serious = Lots of people with nothing to do on their mains so messing about on alts, whether new or simply dusting off old ones for something to pass the time = spike in sales of alt related products, heirloom enchants, bags, glyphs, etc.

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    I'd chalk this up to alts because lots of guilds are going through downtime right now. I know several that have said they wouldn't start raiding until January 4th. Additionally, the end game content is not like Wrath where you could simply step into heroics at 80 or even begin raiding immediately. There are no PUG raids going on, and if there are they are being extremely selective. It kinda reminds me of TBC release when heroics were serious business and Kara was actually a 5-6 night challenge. Things didn't really get hopping until that summer...

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    I would definitely agree. The last 2 days I have managed to log in have been the 2 most profitable for me in recent history, glyph-wise.

    If you consider both factors (xpac Christmas gift, and alts) I would suggest that you should probably be prepared for another rush in a few weeks, once the Christmas present 80's make their way to 85 and move on to their alts.

    I think that the other thing to remember is that a lot of people are only buying the glyphs they "need" right now, but a lot of them will likely look to fill in the gaps once things slow down with other areas of the game.



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