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    [TSM2] Enchanting Mastery Guide

    Moved from premium, enjoy!

    This will be the second installment of my Mastery Guides series. Make sure to check my signature for a full list of guides!

    In a recent poll, Enchanting ranked first as the most popular profession amongst goblins. It is a profession every goblin should have, no matter how ambitious his or her goals. Indeed, as a standalone profession, Enchanting offers great perks such as disenchanting and a handful of profitable crafts. For the ambitious, the full potential of Enchanting can be unlocked through tremendous investments in both time and gold. Though it may be intimidating to most, these "gated" profits are what make Enchanting so lucrative.

    As with my sniping mastery guide, you will find the instructions here to be quite detailed. My goal was to make the guide thorough enough for beginners, and complex enough for experienced goblins alike. Whether you plan to use Enchanting on a lowbie alt or on your main, this guide will show you how to master the profession and make oodles of gold while you're at it. Onward!

    Enchanting shines even if you have very little to invest. In fact, it shines like a beacon at sea even if you're a broke lowbie stuck at 190 Enchanting skill. How? Enchanting is a key component of several shuffles.

    I wanted to discuss shuffles first because lowbies can utilize them to grow their fortune without leveraging much else.

    Brief: The process of shuffling is one where you turn raw materials into something more valuable. By broad definition, this could include turning a into an , and using the Eternal Fire to smelt a .

    In the case of Enchanting, you would combine it with a manufacturing profession such as Jewelcrafting, Tailoring, or even Leatherworking/Blacksmithing. Starting with ore, cloth, leather or bars, you would craft items and disenchant them into Enchanting materials. Ideally you should turn an overall profit on said Enchanting materials (or on scrolls). In some instances you don't even need to pair Enchanting with another profession.

    With everyone seemingly falling prey to "end-game tunnel vision", players often forget that alternative shuffles exist. These are often accessible to lowbies and can present massive profit opportunities. Let's take a look at some my favorite, less-known shuffles.

    • Level ~47
    • Enchanting 175+

    Shuffling chain: [Gold] -> -> +
    GPH: 0-9000 (heavily server-dependent)

    Deep in the treacherous caverns of Felwood, an NPC named Gorn One Eye sells in unlimited supply. It costs 10.64g to purchase after the 20% exalted discount.

    Each totem yields 0.375 and 0.33 when disenchanted (on average). Now, the price of these products has decreased significantly since this article was released, so your mileage will vary here. On some servers, shuffling totems will yield a net loss, so do some quick math before touching this one.

    Now, with such low margins, you're probably thinking this isn't worth it, and you're right. Totem shuffling should be done on a discretionary basis, with the following points in mind:

    1. On large economies, essences and dusts are worth even less. Smaller economies command much higher prices for both - I've seen 45g/5g respectively on my native Thunderlord.
    2. At the very least, you can use this method to gather dusts and essences when the market dries up.
    3. You don't need to sell goods at market price. Overcut and wait for a powerleveler to gobble up your entire supply.

    • Buy 4 s and equip them. This gives you 144 slots for enchanting materials alone, which makes the trip to the Furbolg cave worthwhile. With so much space, you can literally stick around for hours before running out of space. Even better, use mobile banking or a MOLL-E to clear our your inventory.
    • The whole operation can be macro'd;
      • /run BuyMerchantItem(11,1)
      • /cast disenchant
      • /use Furbolg Medicine Totem
    • The first macro buys the Totem from Gorn One Eye (requires you to interface with him first). The second disenchants the Totem.
    • Use CKS to automate the process.

    • Level 20
    • Enchanting 225+
    • Tailoring 300+

    Shuffling chain: -> + + -> Wizardweave Turban[/item] -> + +
    GPH: 1500-3000

    This one might've been lost "in the shuffle" if it weren't for the Furbolg Medicine Totem strategy above.

    Within hours of shuffling totems, you'll find yourself swimming in Dream Dust. You can only divert small quantities into scrolls, and large stock can be hard to liquidate at times. You can't sniff the stuff either, so you might find yourself looking for alternative outlets.

    Wizardweave Turbans consume Dream Dust and offer a partial solution to this problem. They only cost about 15g to make, based on current global pricing. The profit/craft is around 13g, making this a high-margin, low-risk shuffling option.

    The only downside is that these are a PITA to craft. You might be lucky to shuffle out 150 in an hour with a fully optimized setup.

    Each craft consumes 4 Dream Dust, 24 Runecloth and 1 Star Ruby. The return is 2.625 x Illusion Dust, 0.5 x Greater Eternal Essence and
    0.05 x Large Brilliant Shard on average.

    • Unless your tailor is also an enchanter, you'll need some TSM mailing operations to make this smooth as butter. Set up the following operations:
      • Runecloth -> Tailor
      • Star Ruby -> Tailor
      • Dream Dust -> Tailor (set up max quantity so that you're not mailing everything to your tailor)
      • Wizardweave Turban -> Enchanter
    • Macro for disenchanting: /click TSMDestroyButton
    • Use CKS to automate the process.

    • Level 35+
    • Enchanting 125+
    • Tailoring 215+

    Shuffling chain: -> -> -> + +
    GPH: 1500-3000

    This particular shuffle deserves a special mention due to the phenomenal margins it produces. The lowbiest of lowbies can pick up White Bandit Mask (WBD) shuffling and turn a small fortune into a sizable nest egg.

    When disenchanted, each WBD produces 2.625 Vision Dust, 0.3 Lesser Nether Essence (or 0.1 Greater Nether Essence) and 0.05 Small Radiant Shard. This equates to roughly 7g profit per disenchant. A single craft will cost you a measly 4 Mageweave Cloth.

    The catch, again, is that producing them is a slow ordeal. You might get away with crafting 400 an hour with a fully optimized setup.

    With a bit of research you might find that there are hundreds of shuffles in WoW, some of which are killed by the occasional over-exposure (as we might see with the above). The aforementioned shuffles might not work for you, that's where the WoW Goblin Profitability Suite (GPS) comes in.

    Developed by our very own @Kathroman, WoW GPS is a web-based tool that replaces conventional gold-making spreadsheets. It is, in all likelihood, the most under-appreciated and under-used tool in gold making today. Here's to hoping this article changes that!

    One of WoW GPS' modules is Crafted DE. This module finds every single Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, and Tailoring craft that can be reasonably produced and disenchanted, hopefully at profit. The module supports realm-specific pricing, so you can use it to find shuffling niches in your local economy. Here's a quick screenshot of the final result:

    GPS gives you a quick list of items you may craft and disenchant. While the Profit(%) might indicate a high return for your money, consider focusing on crafts with a high Profit(g), as these result in higher hourly earnings (generally). The tool is super intuitive and easy to use, so I won't be providing instructions here, but feel free to ask for help should you get stuck!

    Enchanting is a profession where potential profit is directly proportional to effort invested. Despite being a great 'plug-n-play' profession, its real potential is unlocked through hours upon hours of reputation grinds and recipe hunting.

    The enhancement scaling change introduced in 5.4 blew the Enchanting market wide open. Obsolete enchants once again stepped into the spotlight ( for example), while others received a severe downgrade (). What we have now is a far more diverse and intricate market; one where niche enchants are best-in-slot at a certain level range, creating all sorts of new and exciting opportunities for goblineers. In other words, where one market was killed, three more emerged!

    Before we get started, know that we aren't ignoring trainer recipes. In fact, you should learn every single trained recipe in-game. Most MoP recipe are currently profitable, but aren't listed here. Learn all the recipes - we'll let TSM sort out the winners from the losers in part 4.

    It goes without saying that your mileage will vary. Feel free to add your own to the following groups.

    Lace up your adventurer's boots and sharpen that blade, because you've got quite the work ahead of you. Oh, and get ready to open up that gold purse.

    Profitable enchanting scrolls fall into three separate groups: WoD enchants, heirloom enchants, and twink enchants.

    The first group is the most obvious. Pretty much every WoD enchant is profitable, at least on occasion. In the 2nd group we find mostly Mists of Pandaria enchants, since these suit level 90 heirlooms perfectly (remember these enchants scale all the way up to 90). Finally, we have twink enchants, which are superior enchants (usually by a tiny margin) at specific levels twink players like to play.

    All of these enchants are found in the import list down below. Aside from importing these crafts, you need to go out and farm some recipes;

    • Get Revered with the Shado-Pan and purchase;
    • Look for at the auction house. The Formula drops off Scarlet Archmages in Eastern Plaguelands.
    • Go to Karazhan and farm up , a drops from Moroes.
    • Visit Vanessa Sellers in Dalaran and purchase the following:
      • (10 Dream Shards)
      • (10 Dream Shards)
      • (10 Dream Shards)
      • (4 Dream Shards)

    And now, the bench-warmers. These are low-volume sellers, meaning you can often get away with gouging like crazy.

    As I mentioned in 3.1, you should learn every trained recipe in game. If your goal is to take enchanting to its fullest potential, you'll also need to go after more obscure formulas - the kind that are obtained through old and forgotten rep grinds, or dropped from bosses nobody farms anymore. Though posting obscure scrolls might be fruitless on most days, the occasional, massively marked-up sale makes up for the hard work. What might you expect? My latest unusual sales: 148g (1-2g cost) and 735g.

    This is the part where I start compiling a gigantic list of formulas and give up within 30 minutes (darn, there are lots of them). What's the point, when there's already a fantabular tool made just to help you find missing recipes?

    Ackis Recipe List is an addon which will scan your trade skills and provide information on how to obtain recipes. It works for all tradeskills including Runeforging. Ackis tells you exactly where to find missing recipes and comes with all sorts of built-in filters to help you narrow down which recipes you should seek first. Neat, huh?

    Go on ahead and get that beauty installed - you won't regret. It's amazing how many recipes you'll realize are missing from your list. As a general rule of thumb - start from high level and work your way down. Weapons first, then primary stat enchants (intellect, strength, agility).

    Standard Disclaimer: My intention was to make this guide as newbie-friendly as possible, so the steps below are fairly detailed. You should nonetheless be familiar with the very basics of TSM. For this I always recommend @PhatLewts TSM video series. Make sure to check out his blog and drop him some rep while you're at it.

    So you've made it this far without having a seizure - good job. Actually, you probably skipped to this section, that's okay too.

    See the little graphic above? We're going to follow that sequence to set up Enchanting in TSM. The order is as follows:
    • 1. Set up TSM groups and import items.
    • 2. Set up operations (auctioning, crafting, mailing, shopping, warehousing, in that order).
    • 3. Set material prices.
    • Apply operations (back to 1).

    First order of business is to set up groups and operations.

    Well-organized, thorough groups are key to successful gold-making with TSM. In most of my guides you will notice that I use very detailed group trees. This allows greater flexibility with the use of various operations.

    First, create a group named "Enchanting". If you're at all familiar with TSM, this group should be pre-existing. Highlight the Enchanting group and go to the Import/Export tab. Here, we'll import a thorough group tree containing categories populated with all enchants in the game, along with all Enchanting materials in the game. Paste the following code in Import String box and hit ok. WARNING: Checking the Move Already Grouped Items box will move items OUT of existing groups, if so placed there already!

    group:Crafts,11288,38943,38944,89738,group:Crafts`Heirloom (90),74706,74708,74709,74724,74726,74728,group:Crafts`Old World,37603,38767,38768,38769,38770,38771,38772,38773,38774,38775,38776,38777,38778,38780,38781,38782,38783,38784,38785,38786,38787,38788,38789,38790,38791,38792,38793,38794,38795,38796,38798,38800,38801,38802,38803,38804,38805,38807,38808,38809,38810,38815,38817,38818,38819,38820,38822,38823,38824,38825,38826,38827,38829,38830,38831,38832,38833,38834,38835,38836,38839,38841,38842,38843,38844,38845,38846,38847,38848,38849,38850,38852,38853,38854,38855,38856,38857,38858,38859,38860,38861,38862,38863,38864,38865,38867,38868,38869,38870,38871,38872,38873,38874,38875,38876,38877,38879,38880,38881,38882,38883,38884,38886,38887,38888,38889,38890,38891,38892,38893,38895,38896,38897,38898,38899,38900,38901,38902,38903,38905,38906,38908,38909,38910,38911,38912,38913,38914,38917,38918,38919,38920,38921,38922,38923,38925,38926,38927,38928,38929,38930,38931,38932,38933,38934,38935,38936,38937,38938,38939,38940,38945,38946,38947,38948,38949,38950,38951,38953,38955,38956,38958,38959,38960,38961,38962,38963,38964,38965,38966,38967,38968,38969,38970,38971,38972,38973,38974,38975,38976,38977,38979,38980,38982,38983,38984,38986,38987,38988,38989,38991,38992,38993,38994,38995,38996,38997,38998,38999,39000,39001,39002,39003,39004,39005,39006,43987,44449,44453,44455,44456,44457,44458,44463,44465,44466,44467,44469,44470,44493,44497,44815,44947,45056,45060,45628,46026,46098,50816,52687,52743,52744,52745,52746,52747,52748,52749,52750,52751,52752,52753,52754,52755,52756,52757,52758,52759,52760,52761,52762,52763,52764,52765,52766,52767,52768,52770,52771,52772,52773,52774,52775,52776,52777,52778,52779,52780,52781,52782,52783,52784,52785,67274,68134,68784,68785,68786,72070,74700,74701,74703,74704,74705,74707,74710,74711,74712,74713,74715,74716,74717,74718,74719,74720,74721,74722,74723,74725,74727,74729,77276,80153,80155,80157,80158,80167,89737,98163,group:Crafts`WoD,110617,110618,110619,110620,110621,110624,110625,110626,110627,110628,110631,110632,110633,110634,110635,110638,110639,110640,110641,110642,110645,110646,110647,110648,110649,110652,110653,110654,110655,110656,110682,112093,112115,112160,112164,112165,118015,group:Materials,35625,52329,group:Materials`1 - Vanilla,10998,11134,11174,16202,7080,group:Materials`1 - Vanilla`Dusts,11083,11137,11176,16204,group:Materials`1 - Vanilla`Essences,11082,11135,11175,16203,group:Materials`1 - Vanilla`Misc,12808,12811,13926,3819,7076,7078,7082,group:Materials`1 - Vanilla`Shards,11084,11138,11139,11177,11178,14343,14344,group:Materials`2 - TBC,20725,22445,22446,22447,22448,22449,22450,22794,group:Materials`3 - WotLK,34052,34053,34054,34055,34056,34057,35623,group:Materials`4 - Cataclysm,52326,52327,52328,52555,52718,52719,52720,52721,52722,group:Materials`5 - MoP,74247,74248,74249,74250,74252,group:Materials`6 - WoD,109693,111245,113588,115502,115504
    Assuming your computer hasn't buckled under the stress, your groups should be fully setup. The Crafts group contains most enchants in-game. I removed some that did not show any promise whatsoever. The Crafts groups contain Enchanting reagents that you will commonly need. They do not contain every material in-game. I removed some for ease of use.

    You will notice that groups are divided by type. This allows us to value, craft, post, mail, and store crafts and reagents for each tier differently. The Vanilla group is further separated into Dusts, Essences and Shards because this group contains all tiers up to 300. The Misc group contains a mixed bag of items such as Essence of Air, Fel Lotus and Righteous Orb. This group is based on my personal preference for crafts - you should edit yours to match the reagents needed for your own preferred crafts.

    Next up, we're going to create auctioning operations for the groups we created. Click on the label marked 2, and then highlight 2a. Go to Operations, and type in an operation name in the box. Always use descriptive names for your operations. In this example, I call mine Enchanting 105% + 200g/1000g. At a glance, I can tell roughly what parameters were used in the operation.

    Normally I create several auctioning operations for different types of goods. For example, gems that are hard to stock are listed in lesser quantities and priced relatively high. We're only going to need a single auctioning operation for Enchanting, with the following points in mind;
    • Enchanting mats are easy to stock (besides maybe Essence of Air and a few others), so we're going to list 2 of each enchant and use a competitive minimum price.
    • Since the market is fast we want to focus primarily on volume rather than margins, so we'll settle for a minimum of 5% profit on the crafting cost of our crafts.
    • Enchanting markets move fast and undercutting is fierce, so we're going to post them for 12 hours only. Anything longer is a waste of resources.
    • Some enchants are niche markets and don't get listed often. In this case we can get away with gouging, so our maximum price adds an extra 1000g to the scroll, across the board.

    By the way, I wouldn't fault you for listing larger quantities of weapon enchants, considering those are often bought in pairs.

    Make sure you fully understand every parameter! Don't blindly copy my settings. Consider your own situation - and adjust from there.

    Now that we've told TSM how to auction things off, we need to lay out our crafting strategy.

    Go to Crafting, labeled 2b as per the screenshot seen previously. The Options ribbon has a few options you need to configure;
    • Profit Deduction: takes a flat amount of profit off crafting to account for Auction House fees. You can set this to zero if you plan on trading your goods directly, or to 10% if the local server mafia is extorting gold from your operation in exchange for corpse camping your competition.
    • Default Material Cost Method: how TSM will value the materials used to craft your enchants. I set this to DBHistorical, but feel free to use your own here. DBHistorical takes pricing on materials over the past 60 days, which should be fairly accurate unless large fluctuations in price occur. Later on we will use custom pricing to further adjust our materials pricing.
    • Default Craft Value Method: how TSM values the crafts we make. It is important for this to be accurate especially for a profession like enchanting, where many products are rarely seen, and values can be skewed locally. I use first (DBHistorical, DBGlobalHistorical). This tells TSM to look for a craft value in DBHistorical. If no value is found, fall back to a secondary source; DBGlobalHistorical.

    Now go to Operations and create a couple new operations as needed. I created Enchanting - MoP and Enchanting - Old World. You can further customize crafting by creating operations for weapon enchants here, since those will some times move in pairs.

    I restock 8 WoD enchants at a time, since they move quickly, and 4 of everything else. Again, you can further customize with more operations by crafting extra enchants such as Mongoose. Make sure to check Set Minimum Profit and enter a value here. A minimum profit of 10g tells TSM to craft enchants only if the estimated profit to be made is 10g or more.

    Mailing operations are a small quality-of-life improvement that you should leverage to streamline the movement of goods across your characters. If and when you acquire enchanting goods on other characters, they should be mailed to your Enchanter.

    Setting up mailing operations is easy. Highlight Operations and create a descriptive name for your mailing operation. Call it Mail to Enchanter or something like that. Enter your enchanter's name in the Target Player box. Keep Quantity can be left at zero here, since we want everything Enchanting-related to be sent off to our enchanter.

    It's that simple!

    Shopping operations allow you to search for specific materials or goods at the Auction House. Under the Shopping tab, highlight Operations and create an operation for your Enchanting groups. There are only a couple of options here. Maximum Auction Price is the price you're willing to pay per item. If you're not hurting for goods, you can use 75% DBHistorical or something along those lines. I find myself constantly scrambling for certain reagents, so I set mine to 100% in this instance. Show Auctions Above Max Price tells TSM to show all auctions in shopping searches. Leaving this checked simply gives you a better glimpse of markets when searching.

    Almost there! Now it's time to apply our newly created operations to the groups we imported earlier. To apply operations to your groups, go back to your groups (labeled 2), and select said group. Under the Operations tab, you can assign one or more operations per group. A very key thing to remember is that groups inherit operations by their parent group. In the screenshot above, you will see that my MoP group inherits mailing operations from its parent group.

    Here's a quick rundown of my operations setup per group:
    • Auctioning: Apply Enchanting 105% + 200g/1000g to the Crafts group, since I use this operation for my WoD, Heirloom and Old World groups.
    • Crafting: I have unique operations for my WoD, Heirloom, and Old World crafts, so I apply Old World and Heirloom and WoD to these groups, respectively.
    • Mailing: I want all Enchanting goods to be sent to my enchanter, so I apply Mail to Enchanter to the Enchanting group. This operation therefore cascades down to my entire Enchanting group tree!
    • Shopping: Since we only want to shop for Enchanting materials, apply the Enchanting Materials shopping operation to the Materials group only.

    This step is entirely optional, but recommended especially for you folk on low-med population servers.

    You will find that pricing on old-world mats may fluctuate significantly due to the intricacies of supply/demand for such goods. As a result, any given pricing source can be subject to large error margins in pricing. Further, the going price might not necessarily truly represent the value of any given good, for a number of reasons.

    To solve this problem, we will assign custom pricing for materials that can fluctuate in price. Go to the Crafting tab (labeled 3) and go to Materials. Here, TSM lists every material you use for crafting goods. You can select items within the list and override the method used by Crafting to value items.

    Here's a short list of items for which I've used custom pricing:

    Your list can, and should be different. This is just a sample list of items where I noticed some variance in price.

    Be careful with trying to claim extra profit from custom pricing - it's poor accounting practice. Use prices that you think are reasonable - no more, no less.

    And that's it! You're all set and ready to rake in the big bucks.

    By the way, I don't claim my methods to be best. I'm always looking for feedback and tips on improving, so by all means, let me know if you think you can make this guide better. Looking forward to some discussion!
    Last edited by Sterling; February 16th, 2015 at 05:59 PM. Reason: fixed item that wasn't working well with TSM tooltips
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    Oh boy! The detail on that is amazing! Only gave it a diagonal read but sir, that's good stuff! I'll
    Keep it up

    Thank you for that!

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    Sterling's guides are the best. I always learn something new, even on markets I thought I knew.

    White bandit mask shuffle is a favorite of mine on lower level characters, particularly if I'm new-ish to the realm. Nether Essences tend to be rather expensive on most servers. Great way to build up some funds.

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    Have just got back into Enchanting and dipping my toes, this has been a great read and hopefully can help me make some gold


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    I managed to get my hands on a for 500g. Lets see how fast I can profit from DE'ing these.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sikrew View Post
    I managed to get my hands on a for 500g. Lets see how fast I can profit from DE'ing these.
    that was a brilliant piece of the guide. Believe it or not was bemoaning about how the sniper guide was working for me, picked up that pattern for 150g

    Crafted about 40 yesterday, the potential revenue is massive. Sales were impressive, I might look into trying to do this at a higher volume, while being careful not to drop prices. They are at a really nice place at the moment where I make about 20-40g profit a craft per piece DE'd

    OVerall the guide being really helpful, whilst I don't see myself going and hunting old world patterns, having those groups again have been a massive plus, and getting a feel for how I should be utilising TSM for use on my realm has again being a valuable learning experience. I look forward to more of these style of guides They are good to read but packed full of really good info for someone like me, looking to mazimise return from the limited time available.

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    Another amazing guide @Sterling. Everything is explained very clearly in great detail, I think this is an excellent starting point for any (new) enchanter out there. I really appreciate the lists in section 3, l was missing a few of those e.g. the greater stats, whilst I had 2 of the recipes floating on the AH and in a guild bank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Furyio View Post
    that was a brilliant piece of the guide. Believe it or not was bemoaning about how the sniper guide was working for me, picked up that pattern for 150g

    Crafted about 40 yesterday, the potential revenue is massive. Sales were impressive, I might look into trying to do this at a higher volume, while being careful not to drop prices. They are at a really nice place at the moment where I make about 20-40g profit a craft per piece DE'd
    Same here. Crafted around 200 masks and I already made 5k gold selling only ! This has really helped me a lot getting back up again

    I'll try to get those old patterns. As Forest Gump would say: "You never know what you're gonna get." :P
    Last edited by sikrew; January 20th, 2014 at 05:34 PM.

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    Could you make import lists for the must have formulas and notable mentions enchants you got in part 3? (for crafting operations). And maybe a list of frequently selling/popular old world enchants.
    Awesome guide, +repped.
    Last edited by Cryan; January 24th, 2014 at 12:42 PM.
    Official tester of TradeSkillMaster since Cataclysm!

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    I tried today the Furbolg Medicine Totem but I do not get Greater Eternal Essens, I get Lesser Eternal Essens. Anybody the same?



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