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    Disenchanting Alchemist trinkets for Maelstrom Crystals

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but if you have alchemy and enchanting on same character you can make the epic trinket and diss it for maelsorm crystal. The cost to make the trinket on my server is 500-600g and the crystals sell for 1600g+. Not sure if this is intened for Blizzard or not and if you feel this is exploiting feel free to delete this post.

    Edit: Well guess i should of read this section more carefully.
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    Not an exploit. It is creative way of making gold. Of course once everyone is back in raiding epic gear the price on the crystals will start to come down. Eventually the price per crystal will make this an unpopular way of obtaining the crystals.

    Personally I've been using my conquest points from winning rated BGs to get wands to D/E for the crystals to sell. Once a larger supply of crystals starts showing up or my buddies finally hit 85 I will stop and actually start gearing my Mage for Arenasm
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    I've tried this and it's quite effective, although I only sell one or two crystals a day. Prices are gradually falling, so I wouldn't invest in too many though.
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    By the way, don't attempt this at 2 in the morning. And if you do, please realize that the Alchemist trinkets are BOP, not BOE. Just in case... y'know... your Alchemist and your Disenchanter are two separate toons.

    Sad face.



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