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    Fishing...For Globes of Water

    If you think fishing is just about, then you're wrong. One of my favorite gold making methods with fishing it to catch globes of water and essence of water in Azshara. Basicaly what you do is take some elixirs of water walking (Unless you're a shaman or deathknight), and follow this map to the patches of elemental water.

    What I like about this is how much these go for. You can sell globe of water for 20-50g each, and essence of water for 10-25g each. And of course, there's no one around to steal your spot. Remember you can also use globes of water for tranquil yeti pets, and essence of water for a couple different BoA enchants.

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    Good point, I used to do this back in Vanilla when you had to swim everywhere, if you weren't a priest or Shaman. Even back in Vanilla nobody was in Azshara, unless it was a guild farming Azuregos. Don't forget to wipe out the Nagas while you're there when you're done fishing up the waters, Golden Pearls are also nice.

    Since Patch is coming and my favorite old fishing hole is about to become a goblin zone, if you're in need of globes or essences, head to EPL with your magic dispeller and kill the water elementals at the lake. 5 minute respawn rate, and if you can't dispell you'll see what I'm talking about.

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    Nice trick, but with the new back entrance to Orgrimmar leading to Azshara i wouldn't stock up to muck. Same goes for the Golden Pearls I sometimes farm in the area (100G each on my server - used for best spellpower Heirloom Enchant - which again is a rare Molten Core drop, so not a lot of others selling it)



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