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Thread: BiS enchants?

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    BiS enchants?

    I have been spending alot of gold on DE material and enchanting mats to level it to 525. I put a bunch of vellums up on the AH to try to recoup some of the cost...along with every other enchanter out there. Which obviously results in driving prices down. I was wondering if maybe I should be buying the enchants instead of selling? Anyone know of a good list listing the BiS enchants for each class?

    I would assume hit enchants are a safe bet and mastery ones might be worthwhile since it is the new sexy stat.

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    This is a tough one. You are looking at this and thinking buying "cheap" enchants because they are good and everyone is leveling them driving the cost down. Cheap is relative to the cost of the current dust/essence/shard prices which are sure to go down.

    A hit enchant at 50g with a mats cost of 100g right now may look good but what are those mats going to be worth once the profession leveling craze stops. Knowing your server economy and how it moved from BC to Wrath will help this a bit.

    This is where your tolerance for risk and available gold to spend on this will come into play.
    I have been grabbing certain enchants at prices that I am sure the material costs will never support, but I am not investing a large amount of gold into this. I am for the most part staying away from enchants with in them as these prices are overinflated due to the difficulty of heroics right now.
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    I'm not trying to wave you off or anything, but you might check out the elitistjerks forums. They generally have a relative rating of stats for most classes & specs. I'd look for the top stat and craft those enchants. As an assassination rogue, mine is Agility. Though hit cap is pretty high for me, I'll reforge hit, then maybe gem it if I'm not there yet - I usually do enchants after both of those.

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    Enchant Weapon - Hurricane has been selling pretty well for me. 6x Heavenlys and 6x Vol Airs are around 900g and i sold 5 or 6 on sunday for 1400-1500. I actually haven't tried getting into the enchanting market currently since everyone is flooding it with scrolls and enchant mats are still pricey and normally it's better profit to just sell them raw...just like the JC market lol.

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    The best sellling enchant for me has been [spell]Enchant Chest - Mighty Stats[/spell].

    It's a great "second best" enchant at this point, that a lot of people are using while gearing up in 5 man normal / HC.

    You get +15 all stats, and its very cheap to make: 2 x has been steady at around 60G on my server for a while, and I'm selling the enchant at around 300G each.

    The "all stat concept" is also something that has a lot of customers. A lot of the enchants are Healer enchant, tank enchant, proc enchant ect, while this is pure and simple +15 on it all.

    The endgame enchant of this kind is [spell]Enchant Chest - Peerless Stats[/spell] which is the +20 all stat version, but if you are even able to get your hands on some (need 3) it will cost you several thousand G - and you'll only get an extra +5 all stats for your money.

    I made 15 of them and put them all on the AH before i had to go AFK for 3 days, when i came back they had all sold = around 3.500G profit for VERY little work.

    Check your "local" AH and see if your competitors have pick up on this cash cow - if now start making them. Even with a lot of compertition i'm sure you'll find a lot of profit to be made from this enchant for a very long time.

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    I noticed that Mighty Stats was selling well also. Not quite the price you are getting, but better than 5-10g like many other scrolls. I suspect one reason for this is that it is actually NOT a leveling enchant. It is a 425 recipe that goes green at 450. So, many people probably never even saw it as they were leveling.

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    The best sellers usually involve intellect (as it replaces SP), stamina and agility with haste following closely behind. Mastery should also be a popular choice as it's likely to be the stat to stack once you have the basic for many classes.
    Hit has always been simply an ok seller mainly as it has a cap and once people get to it they start shedding any excess where they can. Hit is likely to be even less popular now due to the ability to reforge it which in the least provides another route to gain the cap.

    On the concept of buying up cheap enchants, i would be very wary of doing so as Aeg pointed out. Enchanting mats are rapidly falling in price at the moment and you run a real risk of making a loss if you plan to buy, hold and then sell once the enchanting leveling spree is over, which probably has quite a bit of life left in it still as well.
    I'm not saying it's a totally bad idea but you have to weigh up how long you expect to hold them for and how quickly you think prices for the materials will drop. Personally i would consider it a high risk, low profit venture in general unless you see someone posting a couple at dirt cheap prices for some reason and can simply flip them immediately.

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    The irony of this thread is that it began talking about BiS enchants, and then moved on to talking about the best-selling ones. It's something I'm only recently wrapping my brain around - that most players would soon slap a +20 to all stats enchant on than a +45 to their most-powerful stat. But, maybe that's just because nobody is really in max gear right now and doesn't want to be bothered with proper optimization.
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    I cant speak for any other server, but (2h) mighty agility is selling for around 1.3-1.4k and the mats are only around 500.

    Im selling around 1-2 a day.

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    This is a tough question to answer - because it depends heavily on the progression of the character.

    Right now, haste is king with most classes for PvE, which is ironic because the enchant is easily and readily available for weapons at lower levels. For PvP, I can't speak to that. I would think it depends on the type of play the person is engaged in - Arena or Rated BG. In the olden days, stamina was a safe choice for BG settings because you could take more hits and weren't a class cannon, while in Arenas you balanced the stamina with the power and resilience.

    Add to this - Raider or Casual?

    Casuals aren't going to get to see much content early on. Anyone run a heroic lately? Had problems getting people to understand that the turtle is also a sheep, and sap+AOE don't mix so don't do that? Anyone been kicked from a group for trying to get people to understand this? Yes, this and more awaits you in the LFG system and it isn't going to be changing anytime soon.

    Raiders are going to be the people that have real access to Maelstrom Crystals, and enchants are going to pretty much be kept within the family early on. They will be super expensive for the forseeable future as people will need gear when in heroics, so anyone not in a raiding guild will be slightly penalized because they won't want to put a 5k enchant on their 346 weapon. This is good in a way but bad for business. Blizzard has really been trying to push WoW as an E-sport, so PvE may suffer.

    So with all this, I would state your target market is going to be the PvP crowd for the overpriced stuff. They won't have access easily to crystals, so let's figure out what they're after and go with it.



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