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    most common cut gems for 5.4

    hey all. so i have been doing a lot of farming of ores. as well as buying some uncut gems from the ah making myself a nice little stockpile. (its nothing compaired to what i know most others here have. but its a start for me. lol)

    so i want to get a bunch of gems already cut but since im really new here and to tuj im not sure what gem cuts would be the best to pre-make. i dont want to go ahead and start cutting gems to only find out that i sould have made them into something else and end up stuck with gems that dont sell or sell way under priced just to get rid of them.

    any help would be great. thanks guys.

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    To get a view of the demand of certain items you should head over to They provide an estimation of sales and are as a result able to calculate an estimated demand. There are a few caveats though. Their engine only captures snapshots and it is not able to track actual sales. They have created a somewhat good algorithm, but it is not always accurate. Especially when the supply is low, the margin of error increases. Some gems might have a good demand, but the volume posted is so low the figure is not reliable.

    You can also head over to to check out popularity. There are a few posts on this site where this question has already been discussed.

    Stay away from gems with pvp stats.

    Cutting the gems can usually be done on the fly as long as you have the raw gems. Prospecting is what takes time, so just keep a healthy stock of uncut gems. Simply try out some gems based on the information you've gathered and craft maybe 5 of them. If they sell out quickly, next time craft 10. If they sell quickly craft 20.

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    ok thanks. i have 1 full guild tab full of raw ore. and have been working on another 1. so i will hope to have plenty of raw uncut gems. every so often i have come across good deals on the ah that i have set with my tsm 2.0 but im now at the lowest amount of money i want to go so i need to make more moeny to find any more deals before tuesday. lol

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    When deciding which gems to sell it can be an idea to check but be prepared for the competition to be very high on the most popular cuts.

    1 GB Tab of ore is not much that will give you for example gems to cut 5 +int, 5 +str and 5 +agi red rare gems (and 1 extra as 1 GB = 96 slots / 6 = 16 of each color)

    I don’t know if you plan to X-mute more gems with your uncommon ones, but if you are not you could free up some money by prospecting your ore, then turn the uncommon ones in to jewellery which you then vendor. Sounds like you are a bit low on cash, so that manoeuvre should free around 1500G while also preparing your rare gems for being cut (and free some space).
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    which would be better make the jewellery and vendor it or make it and de it with my chanter. i have almost every profession. but i just find it so confusing on what all needs to be done each and every day. i just loose track and just stay on my main with is my jc/inscription.

    also i was thinking of switching my inscription over to enchanting on my main instead. would this be better?

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    Without getting to deep in to the math (which you can find elsewhere on these forums) if you DE your jewellery and not vendor it you’ll be ”paying” around 2,5g per dust and 12,5 per essence.

    At that price it’s very likely that you can make some solid profit from some of the cheaper enchants – the prices I listed is the “crafting price” based on a 2,5G/dust price:

    Enchant Boots – Pandaren’s Step – 47,5G
    Enchant Chest – Glorious Stats – 42,5G
    Enchant Gloves – Greater Haste – 10G
    Enchant Gloves – Super Strength – 80G*
    Enchant Gloves – Superior Mastery – 37,5G
    Enchant Off-Hand – Major Intellect – 37,5G

    *at “2,5 x 5 x 5 = 62,5G/each the shards would often be cheaper to make through Tailor PVP DE

    Regarding “confusion” as you say you should take a look at TSM2. It might be overwhelming at first, but once its setup if really streamline your business..

    All the enchants I listed above is in a group I call “Cheap MOP Enchants”. I have auction setting of these – but also crafting settings. I have set 20 of each in my crafting setting.

    So when I want to restock I bit I just click “restock” and TSM will queue up the crafts I need to get 20 of each again.. This requires a lot of Enchanting materials and unless I have it in stock I start to process my uncommon gems until my crafting queue is empty again.
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    I'm glad to see those numbers you posted because they confirm my own findings, which are that non-sha enchants across the board on my server make less than 5% and about half of them are losers. I started selling the raw mats from the shuffle instead and my life is great. Less to manage and only a few hundred gold a week difference, yet I save probably 2 hours a week. I am considering dropping the shuffle altogether, but the sales of the blue procs keep it profitable enough to be worth doing. The only things on my server that are really worth focusing on for me are PvP gear and things that have no defined cost, like spellthreads and alchemy specializations.

    I moved to a high pop server and my revenue is 3 times what it was on my old server, but my profit has actually gone down. Low margin work sucks

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    Huggybear, this is what I have found too. I am not sure why Blizzard killed the enchanting market this xpac but they really did, and they seem to like it killed because they haven't rescued it via patch. My enchanter does not turn much of a profit on anything (often, even Jade Spirit and Dancing Steel are selling for less than the cost of 10x Sha Crystal on my server. o.O).

    I never DE any crafted green jewelry - it is far more profitable to vendor it.

    I have been selling the 415/450 items at a pretty good clip. However, with the cheap JP epics arriving in today's patch, I suspect that the rare crafted ring and necklace market is going to dry up some. So last week, I stopped crafting 415 jewelry and began cutting the gems for Perfects, as I know there will be plenty of gem demand in the coming months. I still have some 415 jewelry stocked and if I am proven wrong and the stuff keeps selling, I'll make more of it. I'm confident my Perfect cuts will sell in the meantime, though.



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