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    Lifebound Alchemist Stones and High End Enchants

    It's still a bit convoluted in my head, which is why I'm asking for advice, so if I don't explain clearly let me know and I'll try to do better.

    The Situation.
    I have a toon with max enchanter/alchemy. Currently I can make Lifebound Alchemist's Stones for 836.5 gold, which will disenchant into a Maelstrom Crystal. This drastically reduces the prices of the Crystal for me, and is much cheaper than anything currently up on my AH. I have the means to make quite a few of these with my newly minted bankroll, which I owe in large part to these and other forums.

    The Question
    1. In your opinion is it worth it to buy the high end weapon enchants (windwalk, etc.) and armor enchants and sell via the AH with the current state of progression? Will there be a market now, or are high end progression guilds going to stay in house for these expensive enchants?

    2. With the removal of epic quality items from Heroics, and thus easy access to Maelstrom crystals, should I be making as many crystals as possible using the alchemist stone before it is changed? Do you think it will be changed?

    Thanks, hope this isn't too much to bite off at once. I look forward to reading your responses.

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    If it were me i would be putting a large amount of my liquid gold into doing this. Diversify as much as possible, sell the crystals raw and make scrolls as well. Do it while you can, i see blizzard having an issue with this possibly but who knows, they've let other stuff slide before.
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    Knowing Blizzard a bit, the worst they'll do is announce the stone can no longer be DE'd. I very strongly doubt they'd punish players over this. Now, as for what you can do with your crystals, it depends on your server actually: how many rival enchanters have access to top-end enchants? Which do they have?

    If there are few rival enchanters, then I see no reason for you not to go and see them directly, and pass a partnership type agreement, typically by which you promise not to sell the enchants they do, they promise not to sell those you've learnt, and you mutually promise to send each other the customers looking for the enchants your partner does. I remember a few JCs doing this on my realm in early WotLK. "Y: Want [rare cut1]? Go see my good friend X, he's the only one with it!" "X: Want [rare cut2]? Go see my good friend Y, he's the only one with it!".

    If you play it well, you can make a killing like this, especially considering how rare maelstrom crystals are right now - and considering that, if you and the other few enchanters with access to them keep malestrom crystals off the market, prices are going to stay sky-high (something which you should remind them of, naturally: such a partnership is a bona fide win-win situation for all parties involved).

    If, on the other hand, your rival enchanters are not willing to help you lock the market down, then I'd recommend not bothering unless you're pretty sure you can outfox them, and just sell those crystals raw.



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