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    Lvl 85 Blue Proc crafted gear threshold pricing

    For awhile now I have been selling the lvl 85 ilvl415 blue gear that you get from crafting the lvl 85 gear from various professions, and making some nice coin off of them. However when I started selling them I had to create a spreadsheet to keep track of my costs for the blue procs as there is no easy (blanket) way of applying an operation to all of them. This is due to the variances in crafting cost, as well as the differences in the vendor sell price of the green, and the disenchant values of the items.

    Now that TSM 2.0 is out, and we were given the amazing ability to use custom pricing with a wide array of different price sources to pull from, as well as the basic arithmetic, and the awesome functions (ie. max(), min(), first()).

    First, before we get into the maths too much, we need to understand that the blue gear procs at a rate of ~10%. This means that a lazy way of determining the value for these items is to just multiply the crafting cost of the item it procs from and multiply it by 10. However I find this solution in-elegant and cumbersome, do to the sheer number of operations you would need to setup, so my goal was to create some formulas that would be able to cover as many items as possible while still being as accurate as possible for those items.

    To accomplish this I decided that taking the average crafting cost of all the green crafts for that particular set of gear (there are 4, 2 for LW 1 for BS, and 1 for Tailoring), then multiplying that by 10. Now while this is a fine place to stop if you wish, I decided to take it a step further and subtract the average value of the max value of either the vendor sale or disenchant value of the green crafted gear for that set.

    Which provides us with a basic formula looking like this: (avg crafting cost * 10)-(avg of max(vendor/de value) * 9)

    I believe this provides a much more accurate threshold for me, since it takes into account the cost of crafting the item, as well as the minimum amount of gold I would get back from vendoring/disenchanting the items, though I also sell some of the green crafted gear as well, which further covers any more costs, but trying to figure that into the formula turned out to be way to unreliable of numbers.

    So, with out further ado, here are the complete formulas for each set of lvl 85 Blue Proc crafted gear (these formulas are designed to be used in the auctioning operation thresholds):

    Ghost-Forged Set (BS):
    Misthide Set (LW - Leather):
    Stormscale Set (LW - Mail):
    Windwool Set (Tailoring):

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    Where do you add the formulas?
    In the auctioning operations threshold or in the crafting minimum price?



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