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    Gems - saving vs. selling

    Am I wrong in my thinking here - I am selling green cataclysm gems, except for enough to make a Fire Prism each day. I am SAVING the Blues for cutting and reselling, based on the designs I have. Anyone have any other thoughts as to what would be better?
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    I keep green gems to transmute into blue ones, will cut and resell for more.

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    Shadowspirit Diamonds Transmute and JC craft the green gems for disenchanting. Rare versions of the crafted JC stuff sells on the AH as folks need the iLevel to do Heroic dungeons. EVen if the stats are inferior to ICC epics, gear with higher iLevel even stored in the bags count towards gear count.

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    Arbitrarily, I'm keeping a stack (20) of each gem (green or blue) on my JC at all times. Any over that I'm selling, uncut.

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    Given current pricing on my server (Echo Isles), I use green gems completely differently from the previous posters.

    Blue uncut gems range between 50-120g (green/yellow being cheapest, red most expensive). Uncut shadowspirit diamonds (metagems) are in the 400-450g range. Uncut green gems still sell quite high, although there is a huge range. The cheapest (Jasper) sell for as little as 25g. The most expensive (Nightstone) go for 75g or more, depending on whether its needed for the daily quest. So, right off, transmuting 18 green gems to make a Fire Prism to generate ~3 blue gems, is a bad tradeoff. Ditto Shadowspirit xmutes (if you have the Alchemist).

    Here's what I do:
    Carnelian: Xmute in to Inferno Rubies (basically just breaks even -- could also sell raw)
    Nightstone, Hessonite, Alicite: Sell raw uncut (40-75g each)
    Jasper: Saronite shuffle redux -- convert into a Jasper Ring (only requires 1 Jasper) and disenchant (1-3 Hypnotic Dust)
    Zephyrite: These are the lame duck of the green gems -- have quite a few stacks and not sure how best to use them (will try to unload a lot the next time the daily requires 3 Solid Zephyrites)

    Maybe EI's pricing is out of whack (would not surprise me), but right now it is not a good idea (here) to make Fire Prisms. Jasper definitely should be used to make items for DE (sell the blue rings on the AH) since they only require one gem to make the ring. EI has not had the Jasper daily yet -- not sure how well they'll sell raw uncut on that day. Nightstones sell very well since they are used both to level and for the dailies. Hessonite and Alicite are also solid sellers since they are used to level.

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    I'm selling uncut rares. If you need to stockpile rares that you have the cuts for, only stockpile a day's worth. Elementium will soon fall in price, and replacing your stockpile of rare gems later will cost a lot less later, while the demand for those has already started. Sell now while competition is more scarce.

    In a falling market, I feel the best course of action is to sell as much as you can for as much as you can get.

    ^ That's the tl;dr version. By strange coincidence, I've got a full post on exactly this topic on my blog.

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    I wouldn't bother storing your rares (past a few for the cuts you have) for a later date or your only going to end up losing gold on them. Elementium's high price is partially supported by the fact people can sell rare gems for such a high price. If you buy high priced ore now and sell lower priced gems later your at best making less profit and at worst potentially making a loss.

    Sell the rare gems while prices are high and if you do need a few extra to top up your cut supply just buy a few back off the AH. You will then likely make a small profit from that alone as gems are decreasing in price, even if it's just a few gold from each one you buy back. If you sell a gem for 100g now and find yourself running short of gems to cut later and buy another for 95g, you just made an extra 5g profit before you even do anything with it.



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