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    Shattering Abyssals for fun and RSI!

    Saw this on WoWeconomics and I thought it was worth repeating since I've been looking for some hard data other than Shattering Abyssals is good.

    Based on the numbers below, you can plug in the ID (Infinite Dust) and CE (Cosmic Essence) values into this forumla and compute exactly how much you'd want to buy your Abyss Crystals for: (ID x 9.79 x .3047) + (CE x 2.99 x .6953) = Break even.

    For my server it translates into roughly 1.25 per ID and 10g per CE, so ((1.25 x 9.79 x .3047) = 3.79) + ((10 x 2.99 x .6953) = 20.79) = 24.58g. Since I always feel my time and tendons are worth at least a 200% ROI, I have my snatch set to 12g for . Right now they're going for about 7g ea on my server, its a great time to buy. High supply, low demand.

    The math:
    Number of Crystals Shattered: 128
    Cosmic Essence Returned: 89
    Infinite Dust Returned: 39
    Percent Chance to Receive Essence: 69.53%
    Percent Chance to Receive Dust: 30.47%


    Lowest Amount Received: 1
    Highest Amount Received: 6
    Average Amount Received: 2.99
    Total Amount Collected: 266


    Lowest Amount Received: 7
    Highest Amount Received: 19
    Average Amount Received: 9.79
    Total Amount Collected: 382
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