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When is it worth swapping professions?

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    When is it worth swapping professions?

    Hello everybody, been a lurker for a long time and I am getting back into WoW after a bit of a hiatus. I currently have 2 Lvl 90 toons, which are both on Alliance Side - Aerie Peak: A Druid main which is max Herbalism/Alchemy and a Warlock Alt which is max Jewelcrafting/Enchanting.

    The issue I have, is that I very rarely play my alt and don't anticipate getting the opportunity to do so. Is it worth switching JC to my main to take advantage of the access to the cuts you get while actually playing the game? Are there potentially other professions I should consider to have priority when being used by a toon I am actively playing vs. one that I am not?

    Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate the work you all do in helping out the WoW community!

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    If i was to to pick a profession based on a main i would have said enchanting so you can DE all that BoP loot you could only vendor which you get while playing your main.

    In theory JC on your main would be good to get the meta gem patterns but how many are you missing, which ones are they and what profit would you make selling each one?
    If i was to give a rough figure for leveling JC i would have said 10k. How long would those extra cuts, if you even go them take you to get back that 10k?

    If you did decide to swap i would keep JC on your lock until you at least have done all your research.

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    In my WoW professions opinion, it would be wise to follow as Fluffy has stated and keep JC on your alt until you know your market, and what the cost will be of leveling JC on the main character, if by any chance you just unlearn what you currently have just to take up JC and JC ends up being a bust you just lost (depending on your realms economy) 10k gold and you don't have a decent profession to get it back up there without waiting on a daily cooldown. On the other hand, you have the enchanting on that same toon, you could use that toon soley for the purpose of Ore shuffling, use the same 10k gold that you would spend to level JC and buy as much GIO(Ghost Iron Ore) with it prospect it down, make the necks and rings from the uncommon gems, make the cuts out of the Red, Yellow, Blue gems, and save the remaining Purple, Green, Orange Rare gems to be transmuted, usually you can find someone in trade that will do this for you with just a tip if you don't know someone on a personal level/have an alchemist of your own.

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    I know Arena players pick the best profession that helps their stats.
    But as a gold maker, I don't like dropping my miner/herb and skinner on another another toon.
    I like having as many toons with as many cooldowns as possible.
    You can always make more gold with more cooldowns. Alchemy, JCs, Inscription, Blacksmith, etc.. all have a valuable cooldown that you can use to make more gold.
    I know arena PVP players who have both engineering specs on their toon just to screw with people in BGs.

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    I actually dropped a few max level alchemy to get more engineers. It might bite me in the ass, but I'm hoping the Sky Golems will sell for a lot the first month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmyolsenblues View Post
    I know arena PVP players who have both engineering specs on their toon just to screw with people in BGs.
    Wait you can level 2 lots of the same profession on the same toon? How is that possible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirtycache View Post
    Wait you can level 2 lots of the same profession on the same toon? How is that possible?
    You can't afaik actually O_o

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    Thanks for the responses, I think I am going to keep JC on my alt for the time being. I am not too sure about keeping Herbalism on my main however, moving into 5.4 I feel like there are more beneficial professions I could transition to in order to take advantage of my main being actively played. Blizz seems to certainly be pushing folks away from the days of sitting in SW and crafting to your heart's content. Thanks again!

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    Oh I am sorry,,,then I was told wrong. Apology for talking about what I don't know about.



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