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    Lightbulb Cata festin fish requires around 24 fish to make

    To unblock the recipe, the guild must fish 10k fishs, also the festin is BoP.

    I've looked at the cata festin fish reagents and it requires 12 fishs to make.

    - 4 Anguish : 20% droprate in ocean (uldum) + many nodes in uldum ocean border but a big problem with respawn time (haven't seen any respawn in 3h).
    - 4 Lavascale cat-fish : 30% droprate in lava-lake at hyjal.
    - 4 xxx : 30% droprate in uldum river (I got many grey while leveling fishing with +170 fish buff)

    To make a festin fish it will require around 24-30 fishs from which 25% can be used for individual buff and another 25% is only good for feedind the pets.

    So clever 10 people raiding guild will use individual buff.

    There is an opportunity for buff food as the indivual buff will be more used than in the previous expansion as it is no more a festin for casual (6 fishs << 24-30).

    Time to snap the cheap food before people start raiding.

    P.S. : I will edit this post when back at home to complete it, and correct my raw translation (being behind a firewall)
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