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    Where to start, Shuffle?

    Hi there, Just maxed out JC on my Death Knight and not really sure where to start got a few Red Gem Cuts but that's about all at the moment.
    I also have mining which I still need to Max, Blacksmithing on another and finally I also have enchanting.

    Any feedback would be fantastic, Thanks

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    Best way to start is by getting your cut gems, Orange is a popular colour this expansion, however due to the large amount you may find that you get the cuts that are not worth it, I would try and get at least a couple of each cut I used my mainly due to the fact I had too many of those and the 1 gem I lost out on was not as valuable to me, yes I appreciate that I could have got lucky with the gems i got by using Orange it was my personal route.

    Check the price of enchants as well as the mats as you may find that you are better off getting the enchant mats from with Tailoring or LW.

    The only reason I can think you need mining maxed is for smelting Trillium Bars?



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