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    Oven to Cataclysmic

    So I've been tasked with cooking a good part of the 5,000 foods necessary for the guild achievement.

    My guild is an end-game guild but I don't raid at all anymore, and I'm curious to see what the collective assessment of desireable stats to supplement via food buffs is for raids and early heroics. If I'm going to spend a little cash on powering the guild achievement what stats should I be looking at that will be somewhat in demand?

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    Are they paying you? ;-) Sadly, I know nothing about cooking.
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    My gut feeling is base stats are going to be solid - Strength, Agility and Intellect. Hit would probably be useful early. Mastery might also be a good choice.

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    Yeah I'm currently still getting the recipes for cooking since i was making a killing off the meats pre-cataclysm that i spent all the marks i had on all my toons on crates of cataclysm meat. So since I now am struggling to get the recipes i think my guild might fall behind on this achievement. But thnx for the awesome tip on which foods might be hte best for raiding.



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