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    Which profession next?

    Greetings! First off thanks for having such a wonderful site with a plethora of information regarding to gold making. I've just gotten back into wow and this is my first attempt at gold making. I'm still working my way around TSM (amazing tool) I have just recently transferred to a new server and currently have 4 characters there. One is a lvl 85 JC/Tailor who was my cata toon. I this is my first attempt at playing MoP so I decided to level a monk for a fresh start through RAF. Anyhow which profession should I go with to pair up with what I have already. I took enchanting on my monk but I'm undecided on my 2nd. Considering blacksmithing or alchemy. I plan to gift levels to a DK (professions undecided) and Druid (Tauren Druid dual gatherer). Let me know how you would go if you had to do it over again! Monk would most likely become my main. Also any current up to date TSM lists for snatching or do those never become outdated?

    Thanks in advance!

    85 Priest Tailor/JC
    80 Monk Ench/ ?
    80 Tauren Druid (dual gather?)
    80 Goblin DK (Alch / ?)

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    I vote for Blacksmith and Inscription.
    Lots of gold to made not just this expansion but the next ones too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmyolsenblues View Post
    I vote for Blacksmith and Inscription.
    Lots of gold to made not just this expansion but the next ones too.
    I'll agree. If the question marks are the ojnly spots we're trying to populate, then BS and Inscription would be good choices. Future toons should include more Alchemists, and maybe LW.
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    I agree with the above. BS, LW, and Scribe.

    If you end up rolling more characters double up on scribes and alchs. If the tinker/dragonling market is favorable on your server you might also consider throwing in an engineer on future alts down the road.

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    I'd add Blacksmith as your second profession on the Monk, though LW would work as well. BS is arguably more lucrative these days and will be an added plus if you want to raid on that character, as it's the strongest raiding profession for a couple of the Monk specs (if you min/max, which I confess I am prone to do). I like to keep production crafts on characters I play actively, as the production crafts are more likely to face gated rep requirements. Also, active characters provide you with better access to recipes dropped in raids.

    You might consider leveling skinning on your DK to support a future LW...getting the volume of leather required for LW is more challenging, both in terms of gathering and buying off the AH, than the herbs needed for Alchemy, for example. You might even consider leveling skinning/herbalism or skinning/mining on your Druid, and then once you have the leather tucked away, drop skinning and make the Druid an herbalist/miner.

    You'll likely want a scribe even if you don't get into the glyph market, and/or you may want more than one alchemist, so that's something to consider re: the alts you plan.

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    Just got in from work and I just wanted to thank all of you for your quick replies!

    I'll most likely have my wife continue to work up LW/Skinning since she already has both (not maxed) on her hunter as is. Not too hard pressed to level her LW since I read it could be reworked in 5.3?

    It seems all professions except for engineering are favored here. If multiple Alch/Inscriptions are suggested should I bother with herbalism on the druid at all? What I've been doing currently to build up a little bit of cash is using TSM to help me find ways to profit from disenchanting and putting up the mats. Also started smelting on the druid for profit based off a guide I found on this forum. If I took up inscriptions would it be similar to what I'm doing with enchanting if not getting heavy into the glyph market, or so I can make DM cards? I guess what I'm asking is so far I have an established tailor and JC. Leveling and learning enchanting on my monk and how to profit. Does blacksmithing or inscription pair better with enchanting and my current available options? Obviously these tradeskills cost a lot to raise. So if I picked up one, it would be sometime before I could get the other up. And I don't have alchemy yet, just plan to pick it up on the character. So I have Tailor, JC, Enchanting...Which should be the next to focus on?

    I've also read the "Server dead, moved to new realm dairy" Great read! Been listening to the Call to Auction podcast on my long 40 minute commute to work. Thanks guys for making that ride more enjoyable! If there are any other must reads that are still working in the current market would love to know. Thinking of going premium!

    Thanks for all your help!
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    Gathering professions aren't that great unless you actually spend a lot of time farming mats, apart from mining which you already know as you said you found the guide already
    The only time a gatherer is of real use to a gold maker is when new expansions are released and if you level it first to exploit the huge prices for mats in the first week(s).

    If your limited to one for now and on your monk which is likely to be your main i would go for BS over inscription. It's got the best min/max profession bonus and out of the two it goes best with enchanting.
    If your leveling enchanting still you could use your BS for mats while leveling it (as i did in my diary you have been reading where i used tailoring to feed my enchanting leveling) and depending on prices also to supply you with mats for end game enchants.
    If your short on gold to level your professions you can also exploit your tailoring and wife's LW for cheaper mats at many points. This is an extension of what your doing by buying items to DE and sell the mats.i.e. buy basic mats, craft stuff to DE and use the mats for leveling your enchanting or simply reselling on.

    Inscription can also be happily done from a level 80 alt where as BS needs to be on a 90 to fully exploit it.

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    I'd be cautious in making any assumptions about how the process of leveling LW may be changed in 5.3. If they use the new option for leveling BS as a model, it could be prohibitively expensive to do so. The new BS option has you leveling up on exponentially increasing amounts of Ghost Iron Ore. As a result, the GIO could be used to help you get over particularly troublesome bottlenecks in leveling BS, but it'll cost you. Even if you have a decent source of GIO, it takes large amounts (4400 bars I believe for 0-600) and you have to carefully assess if it's worth it.

    So if they use the same model for LW, it may or may not actually make your life any easier. If they use the model for leveling cooking in Pandaria, it would be incredibly cheap and easy, but I just don't see them doing that with a main production craft. This is all theorizing on my part, though, so take it with a grain of salt.

    If you're prioritizing which craft comes next, BS will be your best choice, I think. Inscription would be fine, but DMF cards, while still profitable, are dropping in value. Glyphs can be a pain to get established with, and shoulder enchants vary pretty widely in terms of profitability. Check your server. I suppose if you really want to get into glyphs, you'd need to consider if you want to start now so that you can start learning all the glyphs via your daily research. I'd still opt for BS first, though.

    BS pairs nicely with enchanting because you can DE what you're making as you level the craft, but that's a relatively minor consideration since you could just mail that stuff to your Enchanter. Inscription can be a total pain in terms of bag space requirements - even if you don't get into glyphs, you are still juggling herbs/pigments/inks - so I don't like to have Inscription on characters I actively play. Other than Inscription, I like keeping production crafts on characters that will be more active since you can get easier access to things like recipes and high-level crafting components.

    Re: Herbalism on the Druid. It depends on whether you see yourself gathering at all in future. I do the bulk of my "gathering" off the AH, but I always feel compelled to have a gatherer on my account just in case =P. Herbalism is nice while you're leveling if your skill level allows you to gather herbs in your current zone because each gather gives a respectable experience boost. And with the upcoming decrease in exp required to get from 80-85 it should provide a decent amount of the experience needed to finish off your Druid if it's an RAF character.

    And after all that rambling, I am off to work. I hope this helped a bit.

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    Awesome. The last two posts have now answered any questions I have going forward. My concerns were which was best for a level 90 instead of 80 alt. Which pairs well with what I have already. And whether or not herbalism was worth keeping. Now all I have to decide is it better to have more inscriptions or more alchemists as alts? =) And either way thats down the road. I have something to work on now without looking back. Thanks for all your help! Added rep for you guys. Probably doesn't mean much from a new user with two posts, but it's the least I can do
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    I would like to add that BS currently pairs amazing with enchanting if you can get your hands on some cheap GiO.

    The new crafted bracers require only 8 bars (16 ore) and DE into 1-2 (1.15 on average).

    I can get at 30g/stack, so this puts my crafting price for at 8*2*1.5*0.85 = 20.4g, at 6.8g, at 2.26g, though you should have plenty of dust if you DE green jewellery. These numbers are between 30-50% of the current AH prices, meaning bigger profit margins on your enchanting scrolls, or decent profits just selling the raw mats.

    If you do get BS, get mining on an alt you don't use often. It's very fast to level through smelting and you will probably break even or make a small profit reselling the bars (or use them to level BS).

    Ofcourse, this may be totally different on your server so take check out your prices first.



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