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    Azeroth herb overload!

    I'm noticing an unfortunate trend on the alliance side auction house. Where before there would be 1, perhaps 2 stacks worth of, say, sungrass on the auction house..

    There are now 30 or 40.

    The same is true for even rarer herbs that were virtually extinct for months on the AH like icecap, firebloom, and dreamfoil. Of course, that might have been due to the same poster's snatch lists.

    Is this the china farmers getting smart and switching to low level herbs to turn a proft, or is this other smart people unloading their cataclysm stockpiles a bit early?

    This is also affecting my prospects of an ink windfall, since the inks are going for a third of the price they were fetching just a week ago.


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    I think it is people exploring and doing the updated achievements and such. I suspect that the markets are about as flooded as they will get for a while. Starting on Tuesday, people will be in new zones and not reliving the new old world quite so much. But, with flying available, I don't think we will ever see the rarity of old school herbs that we have seen in the past.

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    Same with ores, sadly.
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    However.. on the ore side this has a possibility of making smelting low level bars profitable again.
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    I figured this is a good thread to post this.. I picked up a number of a majority of new goblins will be leveling alchemy as a profession for the racial bonus. To complement this make sure you pick up (see the connection to this thread) and post in stacks of 4 for the night of cataclysm - you know those levelers don't want stacks of 20 when they only need 4. I am also grabbing all for posting the night of cata.

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    These changes to herbs and ores are bad news for stockpilers like myself, but it's not completely ruined things. I think it will mean that we won't see the huge increases in prices that we hoped for in the short term, and we may have to wait several months down the line for things to stablise. Eventually, the glut of new characters will move onto higher level zones and the prices will increase. Add inflation to this and we may still see the increase in prices.

    Perhaps this is wishful thinking on my part. However, there's always peaks and troughs in any market, so we'll just have to wait for a peak to offload them. One thing it does mean is that those who didn't stockpile still have a chance to do so as rather than prices rising as soon as Cata hits, they might drop still further. At the moment, If I was offered my money back on my investments, I'd say no, but It'd be a close run thing with some commodities.

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    Be careful with assumptions about what will happen on Tuesday:

    There is certainly a lot of extra gathering at the moment, because there is a lot of low/mid character leveling happening. This is not countered by an increase in use of materials, as most crafting is stalled pending Cataclysm's new tiers of everything, and lower level characters tend not to level manufacturing professions until later, due to cost.

    However, Cataclysm also adds Goblins and Worgen, so we can expect to see much the same pattern of character leveling and lowish-level gathering to continue for some time. It's only when those Goblin and Worgen start to power-level manufacturing professions that this will change.

    Finally flight in Old Azeroth is a wildcard, that could dramatically reduce the amount of time taken to gather materials, again impacting on price and supply.

    If you're prepared to play the long game prices will eventually rise, as (higher) level 85 incomes enter into the equation. But short term the opportunities are probably elsewhere.

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    I've mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: People leveling archaeology will also provide a steady trickle of all gathered mats as well.

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    I'm already buying cheap herbs and ore. I can afford the loss (although I'm not how much lower they can possibly go) and history has proved time and time again that gathering in old world zones, while fetching a price premium, isn't as effective for the serious gatherer/bot since demand is more variable.

    There will come a time when the initial rush of new characters is gone, the dust settles and everything is stabilized. The only wildcard really is the addition of flying mounts, but if Outland herbs in WOLTK are any indication, even that wasn't enough to get people to go out and regularly farm them up.

    Its a long term investment strategy, park the stuff in a guildbank and forget about it. I'm not 100% it will work out, but my current stockpile is just barely in the black so why not? I'll make money in Cata zone today and eventually cash in on my stockpile later.



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