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    What order do you tackle Northrend zones?

    You've reached level 70. What order do you tackle the Northrend zones in?

    You probably start with Borean Tundra, but where next do you go?

    Do you have a preferred order?

    Do you move on to a new zone at a certain level or finish the quests first?

    Perhaps some zones are more enjoyable so you opt for those?

    Which zones do you skip?

    I'm levelling 2 toons beyond 70 at the moment so I'd appreciate your thoughts!
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    I hate Borean Tundra and Dragonblight (minus the Wrathgate questline, of course!). I hit up Grizzly Hills and Sholazar Basin as soon as I can as they are my favorite Northrend zones. Sholazar Basin is also a gold mine; even without gathering professions.

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    Horde or Alliance? not a huge difference but Alliance can start with either zone wile I find Borean Tundra to be better Horde wise. I tend to follow the area until I reach the minimum level for the next. The xp rewards goes up so short of any quick quests I have left in my log I will stay in borean tundra till 71 then move to Dragon Blight for 2 levels. At 73 I move to Grizzly hills. I don't like the quest lines past the initial areas there so i move to Zul'Drak at 74. This zone can be enjoyable to level in with the story lines but if your looking for speed move on to Sholozar at 75. I follow the quests through there until I hit 76 when I move to storm peaks. There I do the K3 quests and follow them into the Hodir chain. Some of these quests may me a bit difficult as they start to become level 80 quests but by then you have hit 77 and they are doable. I stick with hodir until I open all the dailies and then I complete them. Usually I end up close to 78 so I move onto icecrown. At this point you can follow the Icecrown story lines which are very easily to follow and challenging but not out of reach. I will complete any dailies I open up as well.

    I usually level as DPS so I tend to stay in cue for dungeons. I'm able to do plenty of quests as I wait but if you are heals or tank you may want to wait between cues unless you like doing dungeons more often.
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    Personally i hate boring tundra. I used to do dragonblight up to the wrathgate quest but got bored of that too as the battle of the under city becomes very tedious once you realise your invincible and have no real influence on the outcome so now i just do it until i'm high enough to run off the grizzly hills. I will complete grizzly hills and maybe pop into zul'drak if i'm not high enough for sholozar. I will finish sholozar and then go to stormpeaks. Pre random dungeon finder i would dip into icecrown to hit 80 but these days i usually hit 80 not long after entering stormpeaks

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    If you're not already 70, you can head to northrend at 68. Borean tundra is better than Howling Fjord.

    Borean Tundra -> Grizzly Hills -> Zul'Drak -> Sholazar -> Icecrown.

    Dragonblight and Storm Peaks really suck. Sholazar has some awesome quests, especially those involving Nesingwary.
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