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    Don't forget to log in all your level 80 alts

    I had forgotten this until I noticed it last night. Your alts will NOT start accumulating rested XP until they have been logged in at least once. I was going to go do a little farming and saw the message, "You feel rested." /grumble

    This is obviously not necessary for lower level alts as they were already getting rested.

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    THANKS!! That is huge information for me as I plan on only leveling rested xp with all my alts. Although I think I have logged into all my alts at least once, I will be going back to double check.

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    Not a problem. I thought I would share my boneheaded maneuver before it became someone else's boneheaded maneuver. I'm glad I caught it just a couple days in rather than in a couple weeks when I was expecting to get a full 1.5 levels of rested XP.

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    Surprised you didn't know this from previous expansions. I learned this one the hard way back in TBC when I finally got around to my mage who had been sitting idle for weeks... sigh.

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    I did know, but I didn't remember until last night. As I said, I caught it before it was super painful and wanted to make sure there were no further casualties.

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    Ouch, damn. Glad you mentioned this. Time to login to my neglected toons. lol

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    Bump for MOP leveling! Also if you want a little easy head start in MOP and have some free time now, on my hunter before I transferred him to beta I completed but didn't turn in the org +2 skill cooking/fishing dailies (Cooking daily did NOT give me +2 skill, possibly a bug, fishing did) and 21 Tol Barad dailies, it's possible to get more TB dailies ready but I had to leave a couple quest spaces open for others I was doing.
    It takes only a couple of minutes to quickly turn in these in Org (remember to train your MOP cooking/fishing first for the skill ups!) and TB, since all TB dailies can be turned in at Hellscream's Reach, it gave me just over 3 bars of XP, roughly 16% of the xp needed to 86.

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    I've forgotten, what's the deal with this? Free exp for alts even if not played?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atticus View Post
    I've forgotten, what's the deal with this? Free exp for alts even if not played?
    A character may not start accumulating additional rested bonus, unless it's logged in at least once when MoP is released. This might be fixed but very probably not.



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