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    My plan to quest through Cata, max archeology, hit 85, and make good gold doing it.

    The idea is simple, but I thought I thought I'd share it to get some feedback and off chance someone finds this useful.

    After 13 hours of farming ore and herbs and the 10 hours of desperate sleep that followed, I am ready to start actually playing cataclysm. Which For me means bringing my priest to 85, experiencing the new content and leveling archeology, (which I am more exited then most about). So to do all these things in the least amount of time and for the most profit, my plan is as follows...

    • Start the archeology grind at 80 w/ 310 flying.
    • Collect artifacts, not solving any until I hit 100 (at which point you stop receiving skill-ups from finding them).
    • I will then take the extra levels gained through this crafty maneuver as motivation for the next 20 hours as I play countless games of hot and cold all over azeroth into outlands/northrend and back again.
    • When archaeology is maxed (and hopefully I found some cool shit) I should have leveled almost to 83. At this point I head to deepholm and then twilight high to quest out 85.
    • Once I hit 85 I return to the zones I skipped, experience the content and burn through all the quests netting about 50g on each one.

    Basically my plan can be summed up in 3 words: level archeology first. Almost everyone is going to level it at one point or another so for me it just makes sense to do so while I can gain xp from it. If done on an alt over time, allowing for rested xp, archeology could be used to completely level from 80-85, i see them nerfing this in the future so if it grind'y professions are your thing and you loved leveling fishing back in the day, then give this a shot.

    I'm off now to learn archeology and grind it out like a slut at an inner city dance,
    so wish me luck and leave me some thoughts suggestions.
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    This sounds similar to what I started doing last night. I started in Vashj'ir yesterday morning and did a couple dozen quests before heading off to work. When I went back in the evening it was just too crowded. So, I got my cooking maxed and started on archaeology; I got about 1/3 level just getting from 1-75. I didn't have to deal with lag or people killing quest mobs. If zones are still too crowded, I'll probably continue to do this in the evenings.

    On a slightly related note, is there a quicker way to level fishing right now? I read somewhere about getting skill ups for nearly every cast, but I didn't experience that last night.

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    So I haven't been hitting the dig sites as hard as i planned, class and snow and buying a dog got in the way of things. When I do get on I post glyphs, do jc daily / truegold cd's and if i have time ill do a bit of prospecting. But it's allowed for rested bonus's almost all the time and because of that I'm already 83, and my archeology is at 325. Few tips for leveling archeology faster: get the guild shroud if you can, go to outlands asap (dig sites are generally closer together as OL is deceptively small), and don't be cheap use those tablet's that give u +12 unless u really like prospecting in which case sell the suckers and u can prolly net well over 10k just from the ones u find leveling to 525. Also if u run into other archeologists, which you will, trade those things with them to get ones your short on. Anyways, hope somebody read this and found it useful or at the very least liked my joke about sluts grinding at dances. I just sold a vial of the sand drake for 40k profit so i'm gonna go make it rain on lowbie bitches @ the starter zones. Merry almost christmas everyone.

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    In regards to fishing. The one skillup per catch was a bug that was hotfixed early on. I just leveled fishing yesterday and it is 10 catches per skillup. WTB multiple skillups for fishing as well.

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    I have done 20+ quest each in Hyjal and Vash and have been elbowing other questers on my high population server on my main to get the quest done. Even with ICC Heroic gear, the Hyjal/Vash mobs can soak a few hits before they fall over. Mobs do spawn fairly quickly so I have been getting instant aggro close to (or as soon as finish) killing a mob. I don't think my alt would have an easy time leveling from 80 by questing.

    I'm using archeology is an alternative way to level alts expecially one that has a flying mount and is poorly geared. 310% speed for L80 alt would be a nice bonus but I will use flight points as much as possible.
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    what are these +12 tablets you speak of?

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    They are items like .

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    how do they give +12? is it just for the rares or.... i've got like 9 of them.

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    There's a little hexagon in the bottom-right. Drag and drop them into that spot. It's not intuitive.

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    aah yes, thank you



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