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    Daily Routine

    Hi everyone!

    First time posting here after a long time of lurking in a corner reading everything .

    I've come with a question, recently (towards the end of Cataclysm) I have become a lot more interested in gold making and today while working through my dailies, restocking and posting auctions I was wondering what the great gold makers do after logging in each day.

    To kick things off.. I'll briefly go over what it is that I am doing right now.

    The first character I log is my main bank character to empty his mailbox and see what I have made over night, I have started keeping a record of how much gold I have on my account each day so I write this down.

    Next I log my main character (also my enchanter/engineer) and queue any enchants or pets that have sold, then do the same on my tailor and blacksmith (mostly contenders gear at the moment as neither of them are 90).

    Once this is done I get all the shopping done on my bank as he has most of my gold and send the mats out to craft everything. After this I work through my daily CDs, (sha crystal, imperial silk, living steel) and then send everything back to my banker to be re-posted. I then check for undercuts/cancel/re-post every couple of hours through out the day and proceed to do dailies for the reps i'm missing on my main.

    That's about it from me, after this I usually just spend some time leveling my tailoring and blacksmithing alts or just mess around doing PvP with guildies!

    So in a nut shell - what do you guys NEED to do each day when you log on?

    Cheers, Pxl.
    Trolls be flippin' out mon!

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    NEEDING to do anything each day is what made me quit for 3 months after MOP dropped as it just makes this 'game' morph into an unpaid second job.

    I post auctions sometimes, do cds sometimes, basically I just do whatever I find fun at that instant and I consciously fight the 'omg I need to do this' feeling that the game is designed to create as I just end up going overboard, hitting a wall and quitting.

    I started pvping on a level 10 mage over the weekend and had an absolute blast with her, so that's my focus now, until I get bored with her and try something different

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirtycache View Post
    NEEDING to do anything each day is what made me quit for 3 months after MOP dropped as it just makes this 'game' morph into an unpaid second job.
    I can echo these sentiments. I'm one that doesn't necessarily have a routine because routines make me feel like I'm working instead of playing. I have things I do every day but I don't have an organized order persay. To each his own.
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    I only post off of one toon. I only sell certian profitable things from certian profession, no bulk, so its pretty smooth.

    I log in, run a low duration cancel scan, run a cancel scan, empty my mailbox, recraft anything i need, hit up any of my contacts for living steel cds, plant my farm, and do whatever the hell i want.

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    I actually wrote mine down recently to just have something to view, and to kinda " tick the boxes" as I go.

    Kromus deals with all my transmog flips, blue flips and rare receipes
    Kromula deals with all my glyphs and enchants. Thinking today of moving away from Glyphs. Time sink with little return.
    Furyio is my main, and deals with Gem sales and jewelry, along with Living steel and some obscure sales. He also does some Tailoring work.
    Malstrok is my transmute alchemist and is a quick bit of work

    Log Kromus, empty mailbox, relist items
    Log onto Furyio
    Do Daily Tailor Cloth CD
    Level Farm + Do Farm work
    Empty Mailbox
    Prospect ore ( 40 stacks min)
    Create jewlery and forward to Kromula ( keep blue)
    Cut profitable gems
    Forward gems for META transmute
    Log Malstrok
    Transmute living steel + meta, post back to Furyio
    Log Kromula, start to DE jewelery
    View TUJ and craft profitable enchants
    Empty mailbox , relist enchants and glyphs
    Do Daily inscription CD
    Log back onto Furyio
    Craft proftiable META and post, along with living steel

    Every Friday I do analysis on the weeks sales, updating a spreadsheet I maintain that has all my sales. It mostly tracks Gems, Glyphs ( to be removed) PVP gear and enchant scrolls. It gives me a good visual on what is selling in quantity, what is selling for high yield. The idea being I'll see some trends and patterns where I can focus some materials.

    Analysing my daily routine, the Glyph operation takes most of my time, for minimal return. Considering patch 5.2 is about to hit, and I'm levelling a whole bunch of RAF character on a new server, while maintaining my current server, playing League of Legends and wanting to level my farm and dailies ( slacked so hard on these) I think Glyphs are too much of a time sink.

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    Scroll of Wisdom
    Empty all mailbags on every toon and repost
    Do I need to make more glyphs/Shoulder enchants?
    Check for cheap ore and herbs.
    Alchemist cooldown Living steel , essence of air , or Wrath epic gems? (I have 4 alchemists)
    Tillers farm , I have 3 toons with 16 plots.
    Wrath JC daily quest.
    Level up the next alt.
    Lately I really enjoy my 79lvl priest as oppossed to leveling my 85lvl dk or my 86 lvl priest.
    I don't like MoP grinding, but Wrath grinding is a joy...I wonder why?

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    Log onto Embre (gems/enchant banker), post auctions, empty mailbox, post again.
    Log onto shaman (PvP gear/jewelry alt), post auctions, empty mailbox, post again.
    Log onto Antiques (rare recipe/catchall banker), empty mailbox, post auctions, repeat as necessary.
    Log onto Parchment, Heartblossom, & Goldclover (glyph bankers), post auctions.
    Log onto priest, do Scroll of Wisdom & Living Steel CD's, loot/plant farm.
    Log onto paladin, do Sha Crystal CD, loot/plant farm, restock gems & enchants.
    Log onto monk, do Imperial Silk CD, loot/plant farm, restock leatherworking/tailoring PvP gear.

    After that it's usually prospecting or milling while watching Netflix, or forcing myself to do dailies on my main :X Once my shaman hits 90 I'll probably have to shuffle things around as I'm running out of bag space for all that gear.

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    At one point, I was spending far too much time posting and crafting, etc., without actually playing the game, so I've cut down the absolute must for each night ...
    Log onto 85 lock that lives at Halfhill (tailor/Inscription), do scroll CD and imperial silk CD (if I remember to mail cloth)
    Log onto 90 dk (eng/alc), do living steel CD, pop blingtron and do farm if I need mats, etc. (I've skipped this farm a bunch due to golden lotus backup)
    Log onto 90 hunter (LW/insc + main), do scroll CD, check mailbox for monies, cancel and repost cards/shoulder enchants and leg armors, do farm for more SOH, cry because I can't keep enough spirits available for all of the armors that sell
    Log onto 90 priest (Enc/JC + main alt), do sha crystal CD if I'm in the mood and farm for SOH while wishing SOH were BOA

    If I don't feel up to playing much, I hop over to my gear bank and relist everything that didn't sell. Then if I'm REALLY bored, I go to my hoarder bank and list various glyphs I've had forever and enchants. This are usually 2-3 times a week.

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    Interesting mix, some people have very strict routines and some people don't, what ever works for you i guess After doing all my essential stuff, reposting / crafting / daily CD etc im spending time leveling my profession characters to 90 so i can get everything the way i want it near the start of 5.2, MoP leveling is so 'uuuuuughhhhh' though!
    Trolls be flippin' out mon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Argalin View Post
    I can echo these sentiments. I'm one that doesn't necessarily have a routine because routines make me feel like I'm working instead of playing. I have things I do every day but I don't have an organized order persay. To each his own.
    Same. I do not do specifics anymore. But general basics are that each toon has something they do that helps me make gold. If i log that toon I do that task. Be it a daily CD or something they craft or just a farm to tend. Some days I load all the toons and do everything. Some days only 1 or 2. And even ocassionally (moreso lately) none at all. If you push to hard in the current setup I find it to be very likely that you will burn out. I take it easy do what is fun.

    Mostly my night now consist of .... log on the JC post auctions.... and go play skylanders with my kids..... ocassionally walk back to the computer and post another set. I keep 15 of all cuts on my crafter at all times and just post post post post empty recraft .... post post post .... kids enjoy me hanging out with them though.



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