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    Relic of Xuen for 5k?

    Someone on my server is trying to sell Relic of Xuen for 5k, it usually goes for 13-15k.

    I'm still pretty new to inscription. Is this someone who is getting panic over the coming patch or are the prices on DMF trinkets really going to drop this much?


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    I'm still selling them at 17K and haven't seen a drop-off in demand yet, so it sounds like panic.

    As always it's realm specific but I'd flip that in a heartbeat, especially if the guy just has the one.

    Actually I'd hop on an alt and see if I could squeeze him for another 500g-1k just for sport, since he's dumping it anyway. He prob farmed the herbs and sees it as a free trinket.
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    Picked it up, seems the guy posted a total of 3 things to AH this last week (armor pieces) so he probably doesn't have a clue

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    I made a dozen darkmoon trinkets this past fare for the first time and was dismayed to see the price plummet immediatly after. There have always been trinkets available to some degree but the prices always remained higher on my server.

    ___________last month ______Now
    Tanking ____10-12k _________5-7k
    Agi/Strength _15-17k ________9-11k
    DPS SP ____13-15k _________8-10k
    Healing ____15-17k _________9-11k

    Every trinket took about a 5k cut off the price. I just lined up 2 guildies with scrolls for the next cycle and two of my own but now I'm not sure if I want to bother. I am getting the rare ink as a byproduct of milling below the cost of shoulder enchants so the main ingredient to cards is basically free (minus a lot of time to mill) but I don't really want to be selling cards for 5k after the next faire. I've only managed to sell 3 so far. I'm really hesitant to put up the cheaper ones, hoping they will all bounce back up over 10k at some point.
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    He was probably just didn't have a clue. Either that or he needed gold ASAP and got impatient. I was thinking maybe he was liquidating it but maybe not since he only posted a few things recently...That doesn't mean this toon is his main banker, though.

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    Lol 17k god if only that was so on my server Twisting nether eu, its 6.9k for it

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    Server size dependent: Patch is supposed to be released March 5, based on the blue's previous comments last week stating you can go 0 to 3000 VP by patch release. This puts the release the week of DMF, which should mean we'll see the release of LFR the week after the fair leaves town.

    Since people are really, really bad at planning, and you're going to see that patch-bump in resubs, it's entirely possible you'll see people come back that will be amazed that they can't get into the new raid. This means BOEs to bump those ilvl scores.

    Today you're trying to sell these to a saturated market that hasn't the motivation to purchase, so prices are going to drop. Once the carrot is back on the stick, I'm betting we see a bump in price and possible scarcity.

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    I am not selling any trinkets but I am holding on to the ones I do have. I may buy some trinkets if the price is reasonable to me, I have 4 inscription guys and I used my cds nearly all the time.

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    So I guess it'll be more clear after the patch comes out, but untill then, is it even worth making cards? There's nothing else really worth doing with scrolls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caesarx View Post
    So I guess it'll be more clear after the patch comes out, but untill then, is it even worth making cards? There's nothing else really worth doing with scrolls.
    Just keep the mats, as long as you have the starlights, you can make the cards whenever, so why make them now?



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