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    When Opportunity Knocks....

    So I thought I'd post this for everyone to see how "paying attention" to Trade chat can actually work in your favor. This is not a story of "OMG, I just made 100k off a guy"....but due to the "revenge" aspect, it felt about the same to me.

    Most of you know I sell "profession leveling kits" on my server. This past week, the typical Trade chat TROLL was having fun picking on me - saying my prices were too high (12k gold for a full 1-600 JC kit is very reasonable), saying I'm a scammer, etc. Most folks defended me, but this guy was getting on my nerves.

    But I noticed something...interspersed in his ramblings, he was posting "WTB" specific quantities.....low level enchanting mats, e.g. strange dust, then Greater Magic Essence, then Lesser Astral Essence, etc. He was also complaining horribly about the cost of Green gear that could be DE'd into those mats.

    So for those of you paying attention - these mats are "ascending" mats in the leveling of Enchanting. This guy is obviously trying to level Enchanting. So, as any goblin would do....

    I bought out the entire AH of every large quantity mat he would need in the next 100 levels or so. Dream Dust, Arcane Dust, etc. And reset the prices 5x-10x their original value. Even if I lost gold, it was pocket change for me. And if I made gold, HA - so be it.

    Guess what was in my mailbox today? Completely sold out of almost every dust, and ONE GUY bought it all. Muhahahahahahaha!!!

    Cha-ching - sucka!!
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    This story is putting a big smile on my face.

    Barking in trade always brings haters sadly.
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    Never mess with the goblins!

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    I hade a similar experience with a h8ter

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    This is pure gold, thanks for sharing
    I fail to see the source of your certainty.

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    This is awesome lol
    <J311yf1sh> im gonna stare really hard at it and hope it works
    <J311yf1sh> thats how you program correct?
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    This post made my otherwise boring day bright, thanks namssob, also was fun to hear you join the cast at call to auction, good job

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    This made my day haha
    ~[Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them]~ Brenden Francis

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    lol, I can only imagine THAT look after you saw the name......


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    This makes me smile. I should thank you for the profit you brought me

    I was helping a guildmate level tailoring on one of his alts by helping farm frostweave on mine. As a thank you gesture, he sent me all of the items he made while skilling up rather than vendoring them so I could DE them. Naturally, when I went and looked at prices, you had either just cleaned out the AH, or he had just cleaned you out, because I was listing dusts and essences for obscene prices and selling it by the stack within minutes.

    I hoist my morning coffee to you for allowing me to sell Arcane Dust at 400g a stack!



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