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    Amusing bug with caged pets and guild banks

    Not sure if this has been mentioned yet but I found a rather annoying and amusing bug.

    1. cage a pet
    2. put said pet in a guild bank tab
    3. take the pet out of the bank and move it into your inventory
    4. put something stackable (might work with anything, but what I used was flasks/DMF cards) into the exact slot that the pet was in
    5. Whatever you put in that slot now looks like it's a pet as long as it's in the bank (stack of flasks will look like a stack of pets).

    I have confirmed that it's not my client that's derped up so let's see if someone else can reproduce it!
    So if this is actually a working bug I guess don't go buy guild banks filled with millions of gold worth of pets I guess, not that that was very likely! ;P

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    I have also seen this happen - 20 suddenly became a stack of 20 s. When you move the pets back into your bags, they appear normal. EVen a /reload doesn't fix it. But a complete logout and login cycle did fix it for me.
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    it's been persisting trough relogs, deleting of cache, different accounts and other guildies can also see it so donno

    edit: can even move the item around as long as it's within the bank and it seems to keep the "pet look", was the only way I could clear up my own tab in my main's guild, now all the flasks in our consumables tab looks like seahorses and egberts but that's not my problem!
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    I also had this issue a few months back. It persisted for roughly a week although I don't recall the exact time span, then one day it was gone. Unfortunately I'm not entirely sure what caused the issue to go away so all I can really say is it's not just you.



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