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Thread: Where to start

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    Where to start

    HI everybody

    i just found this site a few dayes ago, and it's amazing. but as the title says i dont know where to start, i have my main which is a 90 DK with the proffs, BS/JC and i dont really know how to make money from that without investing like 3k gold to craft an epic item, or trying my luck with prospecting. i really need some help in the right direction, i play on the alliance side on bloodhoof EU. I hope there are som kind souls that will help me

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    1. Think about what you buy off the ah, both regular stuff like gems and other stuff like vanity items, pets mounts, twink gear etc. Watch prices for a week or two so that you gain knowledge of what the market value is so that you can spot cheap stuff to flip for profit

    2. Check and see if the 'shuffle' is worth it on your server- there is a thread here on this server

    3. Check what the PVP and Tank crafted gear sells for on your server, work out costs to make them and see if there is any profit (don't forget to factor in the 5% ah fee)

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    Firstly, I would advise you to not put all your eggs in one basket. Don't create one epic item that costs 3k to make if you only have 4k. Not worth the risk [generally].

    How much gold do you have right now? If its enough to level alchemy and enchanting to max without spending all of your gold, I would advise you to do that. The golden combination of JC, Enchanting and alchemy are usually profitable on most servers and provide safe income. Refer to a guide regarding how to properly shuffle ghost iron ore if you choose to do this.

    If you haven't got enough gold to level those professions, don't worry! There is still plenty you can do. I would very much recommend you to download the addon "Trade Skill Master" and get familiar with it. This will make your life so much easier. After you have downloaded it, I would recommend going to this thread: Items you should have on your Snatch list and getting a list of rare recipes to start searching for using the TSM addon. There is basically no risk doing this, but the profits can be astronomical if you get lucky. Also refer to threads like this: Smelting Success - A Mining Guide where it doesn't take much resources to do but can be very profitable indeed. There is many more methods just like these ones, so explore this website so you can build up some capital; remember that the more gold you have the easier it will be to make more. You should also familiarise yourself with as this is an amazingly useful resource for all people interested in gold making.

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    Sry i didn't mention it, i have around 10k gold.

    thx for the advise, i have been flipping AH a little bit using auctioneer mainly ores and MOP rares from 80 - 84, but i have been afraid to buy some og the armpr pieces because it looks like they dont sell that well. I actually also have a Warlock lvl 85 which i use as an AH char right now, it has mining and herbalish as profs, should i delete 1 of those to get maybe like alchemy og something else ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjamis View Post
    Sry i didn't mention it, i have around 10k gold.

    thx for the advise, i have been flipping AH a little bit using auctioneer mainly ores and MOP rares from 80 - 84, but i have been afraid to buy some og the armpr pieces because it looks like they dont sell that well. I actually also have a Warlock lvl 85 which i use as an AH char right now, it has mining and herbalish as profs, should i delete 1 of those to get maybe like alchemy og something else ?
    I'd suggest deleting herbalism - mining is a useful skill to have. Out of Alchemy and Enchanting, I'd go for enchanting first, since I feel like it adds more to the shuffle than alchemy does. It's definitely worth getting alchemy if you can though. Any other characters that you could level up?

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    okay i was actually thinking about that, but why enchanting and not alchemy ?? alchemy can transmute?? and yes i have 2 low lvl chars

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    As Seqenenre mentioned i would certainly drop herbalism for enchanting as this will massively compliment your JC and should make prospecting/shuffling a much more profitable and therefore safer option.
    Alchemy is much more of a stand alone profession which can be a helper to JC for a reasonable extra bonus to profit. Enchanting can make or break profitability of JC and visa versa.

    In the case of disposing of all your lesser gems in a more profitable fashion (what you effectively use enchanting and alchemy for) Enchanting can reasonably dispose of an almost endless amount of all of your lesser gems.
    Alchemy starts to become much more limited as you increase your stock of rare gems from simply prospecting. Some colours may benefit from extra supply via transmuting.e.g. Red is traditionally the highest priced and demanded colour and you may find yourself prospecting a lot more to keep up with demand, which often leads to a large supply of other colours which don't sell well such as purple and green.
    You can instead use your transmute to top up your supply by using pandarian garnets but you then notice you have a similar issue with your lesser gems where you have an imbalance between the red/green/purple because you used all your red to make primordial ruby and are left with a large stock of green and purple where as if you made the red/green/purple into shadowfire necklace to DE you would use them all in equal numbers.

    In the case above, excess rare purple and green gems can be partly solved via transmuting primordial so which is another plus for alchemy so you could simply prospect more to acquire red gems and move out orange/green/purple gems via transmuting but then what do you do with all the lesser gems you have acquired?

    Really it is best to combine the three professions to help counter/exploit any imbalances in stocks of gems but if you only have to choose 2 it is much easier to ask someone to transmute a few gems for you than it is to ask them the DE hundreds of items of jewelery.

    We should look at the long term also when looking at transmuting and not just today.
    Currently transmuting into rare gems may be very lucrative but further down the line as prices in general plummet for rare gems, transmuting becomes less and less profitable. In the later half of an expansion which is generally when epic gems become quite common i have found transmuting into a rare gem, even red gems is just not profitable and i was much better simply buying raw gems to top up my supply if i had an imbalance.

    In the make or break sense i have seen times in the past where JC in itself or boosted by alchemy would about break even but because i was combining it with enchanting as well i would still be making twice or three times what i was paying for the ore.
    On the reverse i have seen spells where enchanting was at about break even if i purchased the mats from the AH or even loss making but because could acquire my mats much cheaper via JC i was still making a substantial profit.

    The thing to remember with prospecting in particular and to a much smaller degree with disenchanting is that you are playing the random number game. If you prospect a small number of ore you may lose or win big, if you prospect a lot of or you should get a much more even and consistent result.
    The most common barrier i have seen to people taking up prospecting is people prospecting a small amount and thinking it is not worth it because they had some bad rolls of the dice.

    If you download the shuffler spreadsheet from the site you can start by adding in the prices on your server to start with and get a good idea of if prospecting will be profitable before you start and also get an idea of how much extra profit enchanting and alchemy can bring to your operation.
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    thx for all the replys i'm gonna ditch herb for enchanting Thefluffyrocker what spreadsheet are you talking about ?? could you make a link maybe ??

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    I'll show you how to find it rather than link the page as that will help you to discover some more about the site also

    Go to the top of the page and look for Guides & Resources (It's a drop down menu). Lots of nice info link in that whole menu to discover.

    Go to Tools and you should see MoP Shuffling Spreadsheet.

    Click on that and @Stede has made a great guide on how to use it .

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    While I'd agree that dropping herbalism for Enchanting on your Warlock is ultimately a good idea, my first thought would be to level the Warlock to 90 and KEEP mining/herbalism while doing so. There are so many nodes available while leveling, and mining/herbalism provide such great bonus experience, that you'd be 90 in no time and have a nice stash of mats to start with as well.

    One minor note with regard to gems: It may be different on Thefluffyrocker's server, but since Blizzard re-worked stat bonuses on gems, I've found that orange gems are the most valuable, with purple close behind. Green and red are pretty much tied for third place, with green often edging out red because of its value for transmuting Primal Diamonds. Normally I wouldn't even bother to mention a minor detail like this, but I think it's important to realize that some factors we used to take for granted (like "red gems are the most valuable") have changed in MOP.



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