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    Followup: Are Super-Seller 680 & Vender-Tron 100 gone with their recipes?

    So the caravan with these two vendors, the only source for two cooking recipes, went away.
    Faid confirmed, then there was GM comments about NPCs probably coming back, then I now see WH comments about NPCs being gone forever.

    Is the consensus that the vendors/caravans are gone forever? (Personally, i am very sad as it was fun, different and knowing about these distinguished me from the masses.)

    What about the recipes? I remember when getting all recipes but dirge in Cata took a little bit of effort whereas 240 out of 269 is not near as tight. So it is not as big a deal. still.

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    Gone, for now. I used to sell the recipes for 500g each when they were around. I'd try 2000g for now. Blizz has shown with previous examples that these common recipes always get put back in the game. i.e. Undermine Clam Chowder.
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