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    IF all the bots were gone

    I was wondering what you think would happen if all bots were gone permanently in wow?

    I was thinking through the chain of events that would occur if all bots were gone and i cant see how it would be good for the game. In my mind with all bots gone price of mats would skyrocket. Sure players can farm some, but not nearly as efficiently/as long as a bot.

    The average makes x gold per hour questing. These changes wouldnt effect their income, but their buying power would become effictively halved. Players would switch over to gathing professions until an equilibrium was reached, but still much higher than before.

    I think this would lead to discontent in the game, but those that are already "poor" being half as poor again, might not make much of a difference.


    PS There would also be the added effect of limiting wow inflation. Since the raised price of mats would make it uneconomical to vendor enchats/whatever there would be less gold flowing into the economy.

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    every market would crash. i reckon a decent like 40% of all wow players bot/have used a bot. thats battlegrounds, farming, whatever.

    I reckon part of the reason blizzard dont ban bots instantly and keep them for a while because bots on some realms MAKE the market, without them the realm would be ****ed.

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    My daily incoming ores would drop from 1500 stacks to 150.

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    If there are bots on my realm, the goblins that were there before me have them in their pocket because I have rarely come across any ore or herbs not being sold for a fortune and in a small number. (I recently changed realms and factions to join friends and well...the AH is terrible.) Or I just thought that perhaps the bots are serving the opposite faction...I'll have to check out their AH again when I get home, but a month ago they had a bad one too.

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    It's hard to say for sure, but here's what I think would happen on my high pop server. First, the amount of mats available on the auction house would dwindle, or perhaps disappear temporarily. Crafted goods would become more scarce, as the basic supply of mats dried up. Crafters who play a long game would buy and hoard any cheap mats they could get their hands on. Eventually, people would realize the botters wouldn't be coming back. Farming would be a more profitable venture, and people who are interested in making money would be more likely to do it. The gap in wealth between crafters and farmers would narrow.

    I like having cheap mats available, but I don't think it would be bad for botters to go away. It would just be a very different economy.

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    If bots were gone I'd be like 50k poorer. Bought +5k of green tea leaf pre faire for 20g the stack.

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    High pop realms would probably adapt, once people realised farming was worth the time more people would try it. I used to actually enjoy farming before i got into the AH game, id spend hours listening to music while flying around scholozar basin, these days its just not worth it.
    Low pop realms would be screwed, theres only one bot on my main server who makes up over 90% of the ore i buy off the ah, im not even sure if it is a bot too they only post about 200 stacks a week and no one else regularly posts ore. Im sure we would still make money, wed just be buying the expensive mats and selling expensive items, but it would probably mean wed be twiddling our thumbs a lot more.

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    I think Bots are the most interesting economic item to the world of warcraft.
    Because simply the powers that be, allow it on purpose.
    They could ban these bots any time they want.
    They can clearly set flag the second someone has 100 stacks of ore, it sets off a flag to inspect the account for botting or hacking.

    If the bots were banned permanently , all my profits would increase because I have no problem farming.
    I am on a small server, there really isn't the juciest catches that big servers keep up at the auction house farming all day.

    But more importantly if the bots were banned permanently it would show that the powers that be actually did what they said they did.
    We have been told that bots are against the rules of service.
    I submit to you that if you wait to ban bots till you find the route of the botting, you are never actually preventing the actual botting.
    I have read they wait , they monitor, they follow the crime to the actual source and investigate the actual source of the botted code.
    But by then there are thousands and thousands of stacks already botted, flooded, and by then , the average user, says this is bogus and de-subs and turns on their xbox.

    I am a terrible pvp, pve player, but I understand the economics of warcraft and have every profession but engineering and architecture .

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    The absence of bots would raise herb/ore prices and more people would begin farming looking to make gold which would slowly bring the price down again. Not down to as cheap as bots, but the supply would keep coming in. If there is a demand people will find a way to meet it(at least on mid/high pop servers).

    There would definitely be a strange transition period where it would be hard to turn a profit on crafted goods because people would still want the old prices they were used to paying.
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    I think a lot of people overestimate the willingness of players to farm for 12-24 hrs like bots do.

    If bots get banned, prices will go up. Yes, some players will switch from crafting to gathering to meet up the demand, but for this to happen they'll have to make considerably more money off gatherables to justify it and even then I don't see them going for more than 4 hours in a row unless they have a superhuman tolerance for boring. This will help with the supply, but nowhere close to what it is now with botters running 24/7 on every server.

    Removing all bots from the game and expecting players to step up is the equivalent of stopping all trade with China (and other suppliers of cheap imports) and expecting US manufacturers to step up. You're crazy if you think the prices will go back to normal.

    Prices will undoubtedly go up and stay up. The real question is whether the player population is ready to pay considerably more for the things they buy. I personally think they would be a lot more hesitant to make purchases (not everyone is gold capped and can drop thousands of gold at will) and the economy would slow down considerably.

    I'm sure Blizzards feels the same way too, else they would be doing a lot more to stop botting.
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