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    Going to lead a wow thread with sticky intentions - the TCG trading thread.

    Lately, I've been flexing my publication and formatting skills to create an easy to read and informative post regarding items I am selling on my server.

    Now, I want to take that skill, along with a savvy on pricing and data sourcing, to create a thread that has long been needed - a [STICKY] Wow TCG trade thread.

    If you are not aware, there is almost always a TCG buy/sell thread on the guild advancement forum.
    This is always started by the first person to notice the previous thread has capped, and is usually started by the OP just listing his/her items for sale.

    While the thread almost never goes to the second page due to popularity, it is capping all the time.

    So! I am going to write up a well formatted thread with the intention of being made a sticky, and will deliver players useful data on the very first page in my OP.
    The OP will NOT be what I have for sale.
    Instead, it will be a comprehensive database for all things TCG, such as where each TCG item comes from, what the current TUJ price is, dupe alerts, and more.

    I will be writing this data up externally first to ensure it is well written and formatted.

    In the mean time, I would like your input and name suggestions. Official WoW TCG trading thread sounded good, but I also have to somehow capture the intention of everyone alongside the usual TCG thread that floats there, because the more players that "like" and support my thread, the more likely it will be made a sticky.
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    I feel like you need to handle pricing carefully on these things.

    I would recommend to only consider the lowest TUJ prices and ignore all gold prices that are more than the dollar/china gold ratio. Personally I bought my Magic Rooster Egg on the basis that I would not give the seller a better deal than china would give them for the RL money value of the card. I saved a good 30k on my purchase but it also took a while to find the "right" seller. 40-50k less than that and I would have x-ferred servers to get the item.

    I know not every buyer looks at it this way but they should be. A 200 USD card selling for 300 USD worth of gold is actually a BAD deal and should (unfortunately) be considered only because there is real life money involved on the card/mount end. Apart from that consider subtracting the AH fee before publishing prices.

    There should also be a 2nd gold price at which transferring servers to buy the mount becomes a good idea. I think this will usually be 40-50k cheaper than lowest prices but you will have to do your research. I can xfer a level 20 toon to your server, buy the mount, learn it and it's now on my account. No need to transfer it back to my home server so this becomes more viable than it has been in the past.

    Edit: Every time I step away I think of another problem to write on this topic lol. So there is an AH price for herbs/ore for example and there is a "real" or "goblin" or "whisper" price. You rarely see these cards up on TUJ at their "real" value. I just wouldn't mess with posting prices. I feel like if you want to do it right then it will take a lot of work.

    IMO you should bias these prices toward the buyer not the kid thinking he's going to get 300 dollars worth of gold just because he purchased a 200 dollar card.
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