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    How to lose 60k gold. Or, dont forget to count your zeros, dumbass!

    Today I saw a on the AH for 70k gold. It cost around the price of the mats themselves!

    I instantly bought it, and reposted at 123k gold. Or so i though..

    Fast forward a few hours later, i hop on and open the mailbox. I see my gold is around the 20k mark (i usually keep it at under 10k gold)
    Oh no...
    I check the chat log.
    "Your was sold for 12,350 gold (someguywhoisveryhappy)"

    So i forgot a zero when selling something. Is there anything i can do to get my money back, or am i shit out of luck? :/
    Curse your sudden, but inevitable, betrayal!

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    You're pretty well boned, sorry to say

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    You are. Unless the buyer is extremly generous and trades the thing back.
    I fail to see the source of your certainty.

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    Yup this is one to add to the mistakes forum.

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    Ouch. I can sympathize having made mistakes like that in the past, just not on that scale. Regrettably you are SOL, but I can bet you won't do it again.

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    Were you in a rush or something?

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    Anytime I'm manually posting, I triple check the numbers for this reason. I pick up lots of mistakes though from others. Sometimes with the desperate tells asking for the item back. It's a warm feeling when those times happen.

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    Sorry, No apologies!

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    Yeah, I bought a stack of three peace pipes for 19k. Strange thing was the 5.5 hours they were on the AH before I got them. Got a whisper from the guy if I'd sell them back as he meant to list 1. It was someone I knew and was trying to buy a very expencive item from so I sent them back to him for 7k each.

    On the other end of the spectrum, I got so used to telling people xxxk that I accidently listed a Darkmoon Rabbit for 250g on the AH. Luckily I noticed immediately and was able to cancel the auction.

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    Never hurts to try mailing the guy. I once snagged an 8k crafted endgame item for ~150g low bid, and the seller nicely mailed me explaining it was his mistake that he lost 8k but wished me well with the item, though he was obviously pretty sad. I felt sorry for the guy and sent him the item back CoD for my bid, which in return he sent me 500g and any free enchants I wanted in the future. In terms of profit it wasn't a goldmine, but I didn't feel like a jerk for taking advantage of an average joe.

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    It might make you feel better to hear my story:

    A TSM bug just cost me 20k. I had an 665 gold auction selected for an item that was normally 4k (I was about to make 3k). I clicked buyout. The dialog box popped up confirming that I wanted to buy the right item at the right price. I clicked ok and the yellow text at the bottom of my screen told me I bought a different item entirely! I double checked my TSM shopping list which was still up and it was showing that I had bought the right thing and that the 665g one was removed from the list making the cheapest 4k. So I did an auctionator search for the same item, and sure enough the 665g one is still there--TSM just removed it because it *thought* I had bought it (even though it placed a bid on something else entirely).

    I go ahead and buy the auction I wanted, using Auctionator this time, and go to my mail to check the damage. It's a gun, normally 5k, selling for 20k. OUCH.

    I don't know if there's a lesson here, because I'm 100% positive it was a bug, but this is the second time I've had this "TSM shopping list buys wrong item" bug happen, and I should have updated after that. It cost me about 2k the first time, so you'd think I would have learned from that. So I guess if there's a lesson, it's learn from your mistakes the first time. I'm sure the bug is probably already fixed, but I Just haven't updated my mods in like a month because I got a new computer and never got around to installing the curse client on it.

    I'll probably cross-post this to the mistakes thread.
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