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Thread: thief/no thief?

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    Question thief/no thief?

    Let me tell you a sad (stupid) story that just happened with me in November. So I am in love with the
    Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger
    "> and collecting gold for a long time to be able buy one. At the time i had like 450K and there wasn't any tigers on the AH. A guy barked in trade he is selling I asked him how much. He told me sells the code only , he was a lvl 1 toon he said he doesn't have an account yet so he is selling from a trial account but he will have his own acc and he will need gold thats why he sells the code. I was very suspicious about this whole thing so i asked him if he can prove he has the code. He added me on skype and sent me a picture. On the picture i saw a piece of paper with my name on it and the card with the tiger. We started to bargain about the price. We agreed 300K. I told him I show the gold but pay only after. He didn't want that so we decided i pay 50% before 50% after. I paid the 150K and in 3min he deleted the char and the skype account also.
    Conclusion: I was too naive because the chance to reach my in-game-dream became so close, it blinded me. Love is blind lol

    So it happened like 1-2 month before and the day before yesterday another tiger showed up in the AH for 700K. I whispered the seller he said lowest he goes is 600K. I am currently at 500K. Yesterday a guy was barking in trade selling my beloved Tiger for 460K!!! Oh man my heart beat almost stopped!! ("gosh i have that much..") I whispered him i am interested. He replied 420K. I said ok invited him it was a lvl 1 toon. I ran to him he was standing in SW i showed the money he said ok wait 10min. He didn't logout he didn't move anywhere he was just standing there with no mailboxes near or anything. I askd him things how did he get the mount , why selling on a lvl 1 toon etc. ( I was careful I remembered what happened before..) He didn't answer these questions at all. Ok finally he traded me the mount but I get scared and didn't trade the money. I asked him if he would post it on AH for 443K (with ah cut he gets 420K) just to be safe I didn't trust the trade system nor the guy. It was too weird how he acted and stuff. Didn't want to buy a duplicated tiger VIA trade if it was duplicated. He said only : "no AH". And no answer...In 5minutes the tiger appeared on AH for 600K... While I was acting like a pussy another guy bought it for flip it...

    So my question is what do you guys think could be with this guy? Lvl1 with tiger, asks me to wait for something, doesn't want to post on AH...Should i have just trusted the trade system and now i could be a happy tiger owner??
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    You did well not accepting the trade, it was most likely a dupped item.
    Curse your sudden, but inevitable, betrayal!

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    I operate on the assumption that every TCG mount I see is a dupe.

    I woulda bought it, tbh. I've bought several this way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diablous View Post
    I operate on the assumption that every TCG mount I see is a dupe.

    I woulda bought it, tbh. I've bought several this way.

    This ^

    With all the dupes floating around there is no way you'll ever be 100% certain it's completely legit unless you get the loot card yourself or buy the card itself somewhere.

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    Well thanks for hte answers guys, i wrote a ticket about this thing , here is the answer:

    "In many cases certain items absolutely are being acquire through exploitative means but that is not the same as "duping". These items are often obtained through compromised accounts.

    Though in some cases a person may need to acquire gold quickly or are otherwise clearing inventory so they will sell at a cheaper rate. Though if a deal is "too good to be true" as it often is.

    If you purchase an item that later is found to be obtained during a compromise the items/funds may be retrieved but it should not otherwise negatively impact your account. Meaning, if you were not complacent in violating our policies it shouldn't adversely impact you except that you may have any items/funds removed during the course of the investigation.

    When submitting a report it’s important to use this system as it will give us the clearest picture of the situation. These reports will go directly to a specialist who will investigate it thoroughly."
    It seems a lot of blabla to me

    So is there any chance that Blizz will take my mount away from me if they realize it was duplicated, and don't give my money back? Somewhere (don't remember where) i have read something like they can take your duped item away even if you didn't know about the duping. So buy instead in AH or something like this.
    Or Blizz won't do that and next time similar happens I need to trust the TradeSystem and buy it via trade and be happy whether it's duped or not?

    (sorry if my english is hard to understand)

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    I think the bottom line with Blizzard is that it always could go either way , they could take it or not take nothing will ever be certain with them.
    In Cata , when Essence of Destruction was selling on my tiny server between 1.5-2.5k , someone posted on the auction 100 essence of destruction for 100g each.
    I slowed started buying them , thinking they were dupes and they would be deleted from account.
    They never were, I still have some left , but trust there is no raid progression guild that could accumulate that many essences of destruction at that time.
    They were dupes, I bought them off the auction house.
    I no longer will buy things in trade because I assume those items are easier to duplicate.
    good luck.

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    Johnsmith, I am not sure what you were expecting the GM to do, but the GM's response is not "a lot of blabla". You were told as much as reasonably possible about duping in general and how Blizzard approaches it.

    Like someone else said, I operate on the assumption that if someone is selling a Spectral, it is more than likely either duped or taken from a stolen account. I know this is not always the case, but it's true often enough, and I don't want to fool myself about just who I may be doing business with.

    There's an entire thread on these forums about how to assess whether something has been duped and how to avoid being ripped off. Since you want the Spectral mount so badly that you acknowledge your hopes may get in the way of your common sense sometimes, then I'd suggest you read that thread and remember the tips. Good luck to you.

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    Oh yes i have found that thread you mention it was really helpful thanks for the advice!

    The 420K tiger showed up yesterday on my realm and today another guy showed up selling lots of TCGs inculiding both Swift/nonSwift tigers. Think it is the same guy. It is a lvl1 human too the one yesterday was called "Tesswa" this one today is called "Ddsswe" and they speak English very similar and answer maximum 2 words that's it.
    This guy says lowest price is 470K. Sure duped

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    I will admit I didn't read all the replies so maybe I'm offbase but.... I don't think this was a dupe...I think this was the code scam. Never...NEVER pay for a code when the item is BoE. Have them trade in the code themselves then put the actual item in the trade box to trade for the gold. I was scammed like this a while back, but it was this one guy who hits every server and talks about his "boss", so it doesn't sound like the same guy. But Blizz returned my gold to me in that case.

    As for dupes...I always assume if I see many being sold by a level 1 they are dupes, if it's on the AH or only 1 is being sold at what I would consider *could* be a reasonable price for someone who is desperate for gold or ignorant of the item's worth, then I assume legit.

    Also, if it had been a dupe, he wouldve had the actual item, and actually would've put it in the box and actually traded you the item, he wouldn't have bothered with the code scam.

    I would see if Blizz would be willing to refund you, they might not...but they might...make sure they know that you were ignorant of the scam and fell for it.

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    Agreed. Codes are bad unless it's like a buddy you're getting it from.

    If I wanted the mount I would have bought it. Heck I think I paid 15k for my vial of the sands mount from a guy selling 3 off a level 1 in trade. I almost bought them all but I figured I'd have a better shot of keeping my mount if I didn't do so. I still have it. I work under the assumption that with these TCG things that if they aren't advertising multiples and it's a server where the gold is valuable that it's just a gold seller. Win a cheap loot card at auction, sell the item on the server. Turn around and sell the gold for profit. Things change when they have multiple available.