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    Second account for posting?

    I have a couple old computers lying around that would run World of Warcraft on low settings. In other peoples experience do you all think that it would be cost effective to send all crafted items to a second account? This way it could just sit there and cancel and repost?

    Honestly its taking an hour to cancel and repost everything several times a day, I get undercut at least every hour on 90% of product.

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    I do this and I've more than doubled how much gold I make since.

    I do suggest making a bank guild for your posting alt, so you can backstock extra items that you can relist as you sell.

    If I'm online my banker also is, and it takes little to run a TSM scan every few minutes while you raid or do dailies or whatever.

    Absolutely do it.

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    I have never regretted having a second account - it expands opportunities for cross-faction AH activities, provides tons of extra storage and organizing choices via guild banks, and makes for far easier posting/re-posting when needed. In terms of improving my WoW quality of life, it's been more than worth it!

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    I have made more gold with a second account and moving goods back and forth then any other way in warcraft.
    The ability to quickly move goods and exploit price differences is amazing.
    Especially with free remote auction house.
    Your competition now cannot see you online, which makes sniping much much harder.

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    I just did RAF and have dabbled with it so far. I like it so much I'm getting ready to move all my sales over to the 2nd account. I just need to stop being lazy and integrate both accounts for inventory tracking.

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    Two accounts can be a good way to boost your productivity and presence. It's an extra cost to you in terms of money, but if you are unable to be at the AH during primetime hours it can be invaluable.

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    Exactly. It's expencive with real life money, but it does allow you certain things you cannot do without two or a friend as well as the ability to maintain your auctions while you are doing something worthwhile. Personally, I have my JC/Scribe on the second account and this is awsome. Dualbox milling and prospecting and re-craft as things sell. However, if you're too persistent you will get bad rep and lots of haters on that toon so make sure you can achieve annonymity. I personally use two seperate battlenets for that reason. It also makes incoming realid whispers easier to manage.

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    The second account would just have a toon that can cancel/post and receive incoming mail and of course send money to my main. Other than that it no one would know about it but me.



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