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    Fall back lower than threshhold ( SOLVED )

    So, thought I fixed the issue, then it came back.

    Fallback for items being lower than thresholds when items that are posting correctly have same settings.

    [ Price Settings ]

    [ Chat Log ]

    [ Default Global Category Settings ]

    If any more screen shots are needed feel free to ask.

    Thanks for your time

    Edit: In the price settings I have set the fallback to & of auctionDB - market price. This allowed 4 items to be posted but the rest are still experiencing the same issue.
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    Your treshold is 120% of the crafting costs (the costs for every item needed to craft the endproduct).
    Your fallback is 250% of the marketprice of the endproduct.

    Items which aren't worth being crafted will give you the error you get.
    When the total price of the items being needed to craft your endproduct multiplied by 1.2 is higher than the marketprice of the endproduct multiplied by 2.5, your fallback IS lower than your treshold.

    This might be the case for only some items. But using two different pricesources for your fallback and treshold isn't a good idea anyways (if you ask me).

    Simply set your fallback to 250% of crafting cost or something like that
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    Your threshold is a percentage of crafting cost.
    Your fallback is a percentage of market value.

    Because of this, it is possible for your fallback price to be lower than your threshold and it wont post.

    For something like this you will want to use percentage of crafting cost for both threshold and fallback.

    I prefer a fallback of 500% for enchants.

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    Thanks guys that was the exact problem. I coulda swore it was set up that way before and I had no issue but that was awhile ago.



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