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    New Year resolutions. Look back on 2012, and set new goals for 2013.

    The year is coming to an end. As it does, we take a look back on this year. We have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. MoP opened and closed markets, cata sought to wreck Crimson Rein sales, and our coffers have either suffered or flourished.

    I personally had set a goal to hit the gold cap by the end of the year. I knew it was going to be tough due to a mass server transfer. I will walk into the new year at about 60% of the way there.

    I've been given enough time on my new server to get a good feel for it's economy, and it was much easier to do with a new expansion riding with me to Caelestrasz. I was able to see the market develop from day one of MoP.

    Now that I have this knowledge, as well as a large profit gain in the past couple months, I have confidence I can not only reach my gold cap within a few months, but also set a highly ambitious goal of 5M by the end of 2013. I will attempt to achieve this through cross server means, but the bulk of it will come from Caelestrasz.

    My goal is to establish a cross faction setup on Cael, and establish 'outpost' toons on other servers to help move sales of pets and mounts. Then, at the end of 2013, I will count my earnings and see how far off I am from my 5M goal.

    All the while, I will be doing a massive recollection of thoughts, cleaning up of sales methods, and increasing efficiency and productivity on Cael.
    One by one over the next couple months, I will be pressing on certain markets to 'master' them to a point where I let my /2 macros and TSM listings do all the work.

    So! Let's hear it from you all. What mistakes or glorifying moments were most notable in 2012? What do you plan to do in 2013?
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    2012 was pretty good, My main goal going into MoP was to establish a pet selling operation on a few high pop busy market servers and acquire all of the TCG pets. I hit that goal a few weeks ago finally. I still have lots of pets and lots of gold on those servers so now for 2013 I need to figure out what to use it on over there. My secondary gold making goal was to get as many rare mounts and TCG items as possible from the BMAH. My server has seen tons of the vanity stuff (and I've bought just about all of them) but mounts have been pretty elusive. I'm really hoping to snag the Plagued Drake. Other then that I'd like to expand into a couple new markets and stream line my other operations heading into 2013.

    As for mistakes really the only one I can really think of was buying a ton of Abyss Crystals and Infinite Dust pre-MoP. The prices never went up and in fact on my server they sunk like a rock. At least I had stocked up on a bunch of other profession leveling mats that did sell well to counteract the loss I took on enchanting mats.

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    2012 was a good year for me. Despite being away a lot I still managed to hit gold cap (although only just). For 2013 I want to scale things back a bit and provide just enough gold to buy some nice shinies for my toons while only slowly increasing my capital.

    "if money be not thy servant, it will be thy master" - Sir Francis Bacon.

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    I have two very simple goals for Q1 of 2013 (I don't plan longer than that, I will fail those plans anyways)

    1. Stop slacking and level alts to 90 and post more often (not skip days)
    2. Get the Vertical Ore Monopoly finally running

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    I have just one resolution, stop being lazy and turn my 250K gold into something more!
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    I have 2 main goals for 013

    1) Settle to an other realm: I'm looking for a high pop english european one I think. Although I have no idea how I can exactly do this move of my entire empire, but we'll see.
    2) I would like be multi gold millionaire.

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    For me it would be levelling up professions on alts to cover some other markets. I don't have a BS, Engineer or Tailor yet. For someone who likes to dip their fingers in everything I can, I really should get on those professions

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    I will resolve this year to make more gold than ever before. So much that I'll wonder wtf is wrong with me.

    Wait a minute, that was last year's resolution.

    I guess this year, I'll DOUBLE IT!

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    My goals are as follow:

    1. Level my alts to 90 and start using Tailoring, BS and LW again.
    2. Make some sort of routine/schedule and stick to it
    3. Reach the gold cap
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    1. Gold Cap
    2. Turtle TCG Mount



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