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    Tradeskill Master Item Tracker Issue

    My Item Tracker module won't correctly read data from guild banks on other accounts. When I restock the crafting queue it constantly queues up the max number for items which I already have the max number. I've narrowed this issue to not reading guild banks.

    I'll hit restock queue and it'll queue up x quantity of z item. I then look at the item in my banking / ah alt, and their item tracker correctly reports the quantity. So a character sees the correct number of items in their OWN guild bank, but not in others.

    I've reinstalled the item tracker module to no avail. I've verified that my item tracker's settings are configured to include the necessary guild banks in question.

    Any ideas?

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    Open /tsm
    Go to crafting options, Price/Inventory settings.
    Make sure the characters and guilds you want to include are selected as well as Itemtracker for Addon to use for alt data.

    I know, really, just double check.
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    Verified. Any other ideas on what could be causing this? I really like tsm and don't wanna have to screw around w/altoholic

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    Still need help on this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ognennyy View Post
    Still need help on this.
    You might get a better response posting in the dedicated TSM forum -

    Post some screenshots of your item tracker setup
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