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Quick Spirits of Harmony (prepping for 5.2)

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    Question Quick Spirits of Harmony (prepping for 5.2)

    So I have only used my character with Blacksmithing to crafting Living Steel Belt Buckles and sit outside the BMAH. I have not found BS very useful this expansion due to increased competition on my server, and I have been doing well through other avenues.

    However, I read that once 5.2 drops, the crafted PVP armor ilvls will increase. (And in the past those crafted items have skyrocketed after a patch) So, I need to get SoH. I do not have a farm/rep, as I do play on that character at all.

    Any recommend a fast way to get motes? Darkmoon fishing? Grinding?
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    Awesome, i will give it a shot
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    500k - Dec 2012
    1m - Jan 2012

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    Make sure that you have bought Potion of Luck, and Flask (1000 stat). Makes life easier, and farming more valuable. I also recommend trying to get some BoA items, like a Spear and Trink from archeology, or new Mop alchemy trinket. Thanks to them I was destroying hordes on my spot incredibly fast.

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    Do we have a date for the launch of 5.2?

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    I don't really play my BS much either. However, I do have my farm. Particularly if you have a commendation to double rep gain it really doesn't take much time to get exalted for your farm. I plant songbells every day. Also, new patterns for next patch seem to be tied to the new daily quest area so it makes sense to get your BS geared up to make it easier to do those quests.

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    Honestly Tillers provides easier enjoyment of "farming" these. Unless you are wanting to spend more than 5 minutes to collect more than 16 motes per day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by risbonden View Post
    Do we have a date for the launch of 5.2?
    i saw on MMO-Champ that it'll be on PTR in early January. That being the case I imagine farming with the Tillers alone will allow us to get enough SoH to buy everything, assuming one per pattern.

    Guess this means I have to level my JCer up. Or at least get him a few SoH.



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