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    Buying Random Crap

    I don't know if this is a phase all goblins go through, but lately I've noticed I'm buying an increasing amount of random crap through trade chat. Not just cheap materials for my crafters, but almost anything. For example the other day I bought 3 stacks of fel iron bars. I have absolutely no use for these whatsoever but when the guy barked it in trade a little alarm bell rang in my head and I felt compelled to ask how much. I haggled the price down (naturally) and it's now sold for around 3 times what I paid. I did the same with a battered jungle hat last week and some uncut BC gems before that. No big ticket items, but all nicely profitable in their own way.

    I've also noticed that my brain is thinking along two different lines when I'm asking about the item for sale. To the seller I'm saying stuff like "Oh, I'd like that for my <insert class/profession here> but I dunno if I've got that much. Would you take x for a quick sale?" while internally I'm thinking "I bet that would sell quickly, what's the market value? Oh I could make x gold out of that..."

    Does anyone else do this, or am I evil?

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    I do it all the time, and i even post in the trade channel i am seeeking for all the unused garbage everyone doesnt want anymore, i normally get cheap old leather, herbs, metals, etc and normally i resell them for more than 200% profit fast

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    There's a reason I'm working on filling an 8th guild bank with crap I buy.....

    I'm also a packrat to some extent. If I see anything going cheap that likely will have an increased value in the future, I buy it and store it away. For no better reason than I can and do



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