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    A question about optimizing and organizing large scale multi-profession operations.

    This is how my setup looks currently:
    1: Alch (Flask)/BS (Main, active raider)
    2: Alch (Trans)/Enchanting (DE Slave)
    3: Insc (100%)/Enchanting (High-level recipies)
    4: Glyph Auctioneer (6 GB tabs)
    5: Bank char (5GB tabs)
    6: Gem Auctioneer
    7: Bank char and crafted gear Auctioneer (5 GB tabs)
    8: JC/Miner
    9: Alch (Potion)
    10&11: Leveling chars

    As you can see, I have a lot of space to keep my items in, but I also have a lot of professions to use, and a lot of time and motivation.
    The problem I have, is that I can't seem to keep it all organised. As hard as I try, I always have to end up mailing things back and forward to be able to process the raw mats I have CODed to me.
    This has become a huge problem, because I just keep building items up without the ability to sell them because it becomes a logistical impossibility, and I am not sure how to counter it.

    4's and 5's GBs are filled with ink. I craft enough to have a stack of each glyph once a week, and I am able to sell that in decent amounts, but since my stockpile is that huge (And I keep piling on more onto it), I constantly have these two banks filled.
    7's GB is filled with misc. stuff (Some of which I store for later personal use, some that I plan on selling once tee value goes up) and blue jewelery from JC. This is also my go-to character when I need to store something in the mail.
    8 Recieves about 500 stacks of ore each week, which I craft into jewelery and Disenchant. Currently, I do not have a lot of profitable blue gem recipes, so I have been stocking them in the mailbox, something that I find less than optimal.
    9 is used for business regarding the raiding guild I maintain.

    I would like to break into flasks, potions and blacksmithing, but I currently have no way to manage what I already do, and I am not sure how I could optimize it.
    I know I'm not saying much in this post, but I am completly helpless as of lately, it's just too much to handle, and any tip would be of help. (I tried to search the forums but i didn't come up with something like it...)

    TL;DR: I can't manage my inventory, need help.

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    Ive got 21 alch and 16 scribes

    I have 1 character to hold inks, 1 character to hold trillium bars and macros to send them to all the characters. 1 character sells everything (others for glyphs).

    a macro for sending 40 inks would be:
    /run for i=0,2 do for b=0,4 do for s=0,32 do local l=GetContainerItemLink(b,s)if l and l:find("Starlight I")and select(2,GetContainerItemInfo(b,s))==20 and i<=1 then UseContainerItem(b,s) i=i+1 end end end end
    /script SendMail("charactername","title","")

    a macro for sending 20 bars would be:
    /run for i=0,1 do for b=0,4 do for s=0,32 do local l=GetContainerItemLink(b,s)if l and l:find("Trillium Ba")and select(2,GetContainerItemInfo(b,s))==20 and i==0 then UseContainerItem(b,s) i=i+1 break end end end end
    /script SendMail("charactername","title","")

    alter them for your characters names. Using these macros I save myself a fair amount of time, I just mass craft trillium and inks every now and then and send everyone mats at once when i run out. I do CDs on 22 characters a day and send everything to 1 character to auction, he does about 4k auctions a day.



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