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    Talk to opposite faction

    To start out, this is COMPLETELY cribbed from Communicate with Opposite Faction

    Basically it relies on the fact that you can rename your companion pet without cost nor CD.

    Use this macro:

    /script SLASH_RR1 = "/rr" SlashCmdList["RR"] = function(msg, edit) C_PetJournal.SetCustomName(C_PetJournal.GetSummonedPetID(), string.sub(msg, 0, 16)) end
    To use it type /rr Buy XXX Now

    and then /point to your pet

    "You point at Buy XXX Now"


    Profit? Not sure I actually see profit in this, unless you are transferring good at norm across factions.

    Perhaps I'm not seeing the big picture though. I've used it to taunt the opposite faction at BMAH however.

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    mmmm I know you are only trying to contribute and help others, but just keep in mind that this is considered an exploit and finding ways to talk to the other faction is a bannable offense if you get reported and caught.
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