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    Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger low price

    So some guy on my server is selling Reins of the crimson deathcharger for 20k he seems to want to get rid of it really badly after i offered him 19k and then went to 23k then offered him again 20k and he said ok. Havent purchased it yet but it feels fishy to me cause the mount goes for way more than that in my server's auction house.

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    Let me guess, level 1 that doesn't speak English very well? Most likely a dupe. Even if there's a chance it's not, they have been duped so much that it's not worth it.

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    And there's always more dupes behind the one/s you buy which usually means you'll end up losing money.
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    Surprisingly Sapu it was a level 90 character with an normal name. But yea i thought it was a dupe after a while thanks for the reponse, and your probably right Argalin in the long run i probably will lose money on that exchange

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    The situation is that because of dupes in the past, the market has crashed so much that even if it is a normally obtained mount, the price is quite low.
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    What TimB said is very true.

    My experience with the Deathcharger was quite "traumatic". In the mid of 4.3 a duper appeared and posted on the AH 4 Deathchargers for 22k each. I found the seller, discovered that was a lvl1 and I knew rightaway that was a duper. I asked him if he had other mounts and he said he didn't so I bought all of his 4 mounts and reposted for 35k each. I flipped for low amount because I was very very very scared of getting caught and banned. I could had held them for longer but chose not to risk. They stood on the AH for less then a week and eventually I sold them all but I'll tell ya, every single day I was coming back from work I could almost feel my heart stopping before logging in in fear of been caught and banned.

    I sworn to myself I'd never more buy dodgy stuff such as this.

    Did I do wrong in buying stuff I knew was duped? Yes I did and if you ask me if I'd do it again, I'd say no, I wouldn't. Was an experience I had and don't want to go through again.

    My advice: unless you're 412% sure that the mount is legit I wouldn't risk and even if you will, keep in mind that you won't be able to flip it for an exorbitant amount as if it would be WotLK.

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    My own little story with this mount occurred in the summer of 2011. I had set up quite a nice, extensive Auctioneer snatch list, filled with valuable rare items that I could snatch and resell for a profit. I was using Auctioneer's realtime search to scan the latest auctions every second and alert me if any deals popped up. I ran this while I was doing other things in my room, such as reading, watching TV, etc. One night, I was reading quietly when the alert went off. I glanced at my screen, and my eyes almost popped out of my head. Crimson Deathcharger for 9g. Yep, you read that right - 9 effin' gold! Of course I immediately hit buy and won it. Story isn't over yet though, because maybe 5 seconds after snagging the Deathcharger, a Sylvanas' Music Box popped up for 5g! Eyes popped out again, hit buy, won that one as well. Needless to say, I was ecstatic. At the time, with the right buyer, you could sell the Deathcharger for 150-200k gold. The music box was trickier, obviously worth a lot less but still a good bit - say 50-75k gold.

    HOWEVER, I knew there was something fishy about the whole thing. The seller wasn't listed on Armory, and I kept the Auction House winning bid letter. The next day, the name was gone in the letter, probably indicating the toon had been xferred or deleted after the sale. I strongly suspected that this was a case of hacking, as at the time the duping had yet to begin. I submitted a ticket to the GMs, notifying them of my purchases and indicating that I suspected a case of a hacked account. They got back to me in record time, perhaps less than 30 minutes. Thanked me for my report, said they'd investigate, but did not remove either the Deathcharger or the Music Box. I never heard a word about it again - fine with me! I posted the Charger and Music Box a few times, didn't sell, decided to sit on them until the end of the expansion. Fast forward to this summer, end of the expansion, I sold both. Charger for 150k, Music Box for 75k. My reasoning at the time was that with the level cap extended to 90 and the accompanying stat inflation, it would become much easier to do ICC for the rewards, so best to sell them while the price was still high, inflation be damned. Turned out that was the right move, too, although not for the reason I thought. Now the price has absolutely crashed, you can buy 'em for less than a third of the price I sold mine at. Thank goodness I sold it when I did!

    And that's my little story about the Deathcharger. I had a similar experience with 3 Vials of the Sand, snatched for 1c off the AH via realtime scanning. That time, it WAS a hacking, and the GM removed 2 out of the 3. I had sold 1 already for full price, so a tidy profit in that instance...



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