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Thread: Finding farmers

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    Finding farmers

    So i recently moved to a high pop server and glyph business is booming.
    The main problem with that is that business is booming and i need herbs.
    Any suggestions on how to find one, i thought about mailing some of the sellers on the ah but idk.

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    Have a look at the AH and if you see anyone trying to sell 50+ stacks of a Herb you have a farmer.

    Also keep your eye on trade chat and look for anyone selling Herbs in Bulk. I found someone the other day selling 100 stacks of Green Tea Lead and 100 stacks of Rain Poppy. So I knew I found a farmer here. Picked them up for 40g a stack (Half price of the AH at the time).

    Good to say that he is on my friends list now.



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