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    So I thought it and I think a blue confirmed it?

    Blizzard runs the bots to hide subscription loss.
    I mean even the blue smells conspiracy? haha

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    Botting and cheating has been part of the game since I started playing in 02/2009, and I was very late compared to people who started in vanilla and bc.

    Titanium Ore was averaging around 150g a stack, and Titanium Bars were selling at least 20g each.
    I made my first real gold, buying a stack of ore and smelting it and selling smaller stacks of bars.
    They all sold..all the time...I could not understand it.
    The more ore I bought , I smelted afk and I didn't even have auctioneer to post it.

    Bots create so much ore and herbs but won't process it.
    That is where we come in, the honest goblin has gbanks waiting.
    When the wave of bots come in and put up ore for far cheaper than its market value, a good goblin buys it all, stocks it...smelts some, prospect some, keeps some original ore...but processes to create a much greater value.
    I am very surprised how easy wow is to hack , bot and cheat, anyone trying to flag someone afk in a bg knows this too well in a tight bg fight.

    Wow wants botting because its subscribers.
    Wow want botting because the cheap ore & herbs, lower the market.

    Or else it would be so easy to track, the second one account had 500 pyrite ore from farming should put up a red flag.

    There should be preventive code that tracks botting, they don't use it.

    Look at the amazing work @Erorus has done at once wow released some files, that I don't under stand.

    These files that @wowuction and @Erorus use track all current auction houses, you tell me they can't set up code so when one toon has 10,000 elementitum ore.

    Wow knows they are botting and they ban occassionally but not until they know the code they are using, but they could pick off a few ahead of time and they don't.

    There could be more preventive actions by wow but they choose not to.

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    I think the blue was posting the TFH image macro in response to the lunatics who believe something so ridiculous. If Blizzard was trying to fake subscription numbers, why run bots? They could just report whatever numbers they want to.

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    I love when blues are smartasses.

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    I expressed similar thoughts in an old post and was called cynical.

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    Didn't a blue *just* don't a long ass post about why it makes no sense for them to leave confirmed botters in game? Thought I saw it on WoW Insider recently...

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    I am working in similar area, and I know for sure:
    - bots are not permitted on our site, and we have a few line of defence against them; a few special servers are working 24/7 to detect them;
    - roughly in two months after implementing a new "smart" way to detect new bot generation we have to deal with next generation which avoids all our previous measures;
    - we have a special system to create an alert in case of "100 stack of pyrite", but unfortunatelly each case has to be manually looked into. We have special team which works exlusively on it;
    - despite all work done, at least once a whole net of bots were missed and only community helped us to recognise and ban them.

    From what I see, Bliz is doing about the same and with about the same effectivness. They have luxury to allow bots survive for a few days or even couple weeks while they create a new tool to deal with a new bot generation as limited botting does not affect economy too bad, they are using this luxury.

    BTW, crazy number of nodes plus very fast respawn of herbs/ore in MOP is the most effective way to kill botting strategically, and I think that long term effect on economy yet to be seen. At least on my server with more or less stable prices 50-60G/stack for ore/herb gathering is almost as profitable as semi casual crafting.

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    Bots are bad for Blizzard's business. They know this and that's why they don't want them, but it is like fighting an uphill battle. You will never get rid of them completely. It is the equivalent of crime rates. You can never really stop all crime. You can try to deter it, you can punish offenders, and you can throw tons of resources in to "crime fighters", but there will always be someone who breaks the rules.

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    And when they break the rules, there will be people there to sieze on the opportunity.

    I think half the problem is that when you use the 'report' function on a suspected bot there's actually not option to report them as a suspected bot. Most people simply can't be bothered to fill out anything more than just a simple mouse click.

    Fortunately though, bots generally just supply large quantities of raw materials to the market and whilst this has a trickle effect to the rest of the market in lower crafted prices, an enterprising goblin with deeper pockets can still intervene and restrict supply to protect prices.



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