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Thread: Warning

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    Exclamation Warning

    Lvl 1 on My server has been selling Blood Spirits in bulk, 80 available at a time for 5k each .
    Transaction offered through a 2nd lvl 1. Dangerously resembles previous Dupes.

    STAY AWAY from gear crafted with blood spirits or the spirits themselves.

    You have been Warned!!!

    Edit: With below's question including price, I thought I would add a little context ..... 12k is cheap for these ATM on Undermine. 5k is insane. Seller says if you buy 80 I go get more and can do another 80. LOL
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    How are blizzard possibly turning a blind eye to this still? it's beginning to become such a joke

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    Has anyone else seen this?

    Blood spirit prices are around 5-6k still (though I haven't seen much duping previously, too - doesn't mean there hasn't been any, as well).

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    I have seen these at 8k quite often on our AH not many of then that would indicate duping, and some were when you could get them from LFR disenchanting.

    Usually dupes came from containers or a vendor purchasable item, as these come from disenchanting raid gear that would mean there is a new variety of being able to dupe the items.

    Just looked at the quantity available on TUJ and only a couple of realms stood out as having a lot more than average:

    US Area 52 Horde
    EU Aegwynn Alliance

    there were others just those 2 had a higher number than other realms

    If they are being duped then it is not wide spread yet, it will be interesting to see what the next few days bring.
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    Thrall US

    I'd like to preface this with saying blood spirits on my realm go for around 5500g-6000g.

    This needs to be brought to everyones attention. I just had a level 1 in Orgrimmar spamming in trade saying

    [19:24:39] [2] [Miybank]: WTS [Blood Spirit] X10 if buy all cheap !!!

    So, curious, I whispered him and gave him a lowball of 35k for the 10 spirits to see what his response would be...He tells me 40k is his minimum and he's transferring it from another server and that he's selling 40 total. This is unfortunate, because I've been making a decent profit from flipping cheap blood spirits from people in trade being impatient, now I'm gonna have to get out of the market.

    [19:09:30] [W To] [Miybank]: I'll give you 35k for all ten.
    [19:09:47] [W From] [Miybank]: no
    [19:10:09] [W To] [Miybank]: Whats your price?
    [19:10:19] [W From] [Miybank]: 40 k least
    [19:10:35] [W To] [Miybank]: I can do that.
    [19:11:47] [W To] [1:Miybank]: Where are you?
    [19:11:58] [W From] [1:Miybank]: i need 40min
    [19:12:04] [W From] [1:Miybank]: item in other server
    [19:12:06] [W To] [1:Miybank]: I can 40k
    [19:12:20] [W To] [1:Miybank]: you're transferring them?
    [19:12:24] [W From] [1:Miybank]: yes
    [19:12:36] [W To] [1:Miybank]: Sounds kinda fishy.
    [19:13:08] [W To] [1:Miybank]: I can give you 35k for having to wait.
    [19:13:17] [W To] [1:Miybank]: If that's too low, don't worry about it.
    [19:13:28] [W From] [1:Miybank]: no ty
    [19:14:03] [W To] [1:Miybank]: Hmm...
    [19:14:07] [W To] [1:Miybank]: 40 minutes you said?
    [19:14:24] [W From] [1:Miybank]: 40-50min
    [19:14:44] [W To] [1:Miybank]: I really need them so I guess I dont have a choice.
    [19:14:52] [W To] [1:Miybank]: I can wait.
    [19:14:57] [W To] [1:Miybank]: for 40k
    [19:15:06] [W From] [1:Miybank]: k ,, if ok ,i will tell you
    [19:15:13] [W To] [1:Miybank]: thats fine.

    [19:21:16] [W To] [1:Miybank]: So you only have 10 then?
    [19:21:22] [W To] [1:Miybank]: Just curious
    [19:21:31] [W From] [1:Miybank]: X40
    [19:21:32] [W From] [1:Miybank]: have
    [19:21:40] [W To] [1:Miybank]: You have fourty?!
    [19:21:47] [W From] [1:Miybank]: no
    [19:21:59] [W To] [1:Miybank]: How many do you have total.
    [19:22:21] [W From] [1:Miybank]: only have [Blood Spirit]
    [19:22:25] [W From] [1:Miybank]: have 2stack
    [19:22:52] [W To] [1:Miybank]: I'm sorry, I think I'm going to back out of this deal, you sound like a duper. I don't want to get banned. I'm sorry.
    [19:22:59] [W To] [1:Miybank]: Good luck selling.

    Of course after the conversation I reported him for cheating and mentioned the word dupe in the report multiple times...Then I warned trade chat. He stopped spamming within 45 seconds of my warning to someone else bit or blizzard stomped down on him. Either way he's not logged in anymore and he was supposidely waiting 50 minutes for a transfer and had to offload those blood spirits rather quickly. I took a minute or two to let him defend himself after I told him he sounded like a duper and he didn't reply at all....So my guess is he's guilty.
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    ^ Almost the exact same thing happened to me. They're coming from Illidan Horde

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    they still havent done anything over the duped chargers... doubt anything will happen tbh

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    Yikes. I haven't seen ANY dupes come to my server yet. Heck, I don't think botters have began hitting the market yet. It's a medium pop, so I expect it in the near future (the botters that is)
    Im hoping, like my previous server, that this one will be just low pop enough to shun away the dupers. I feel sorry for you all on high pops.
    It is pretty sad to see this happening so much, but...

    Quote Originally Posted by Gearshift View Post
    How are blizzard possibly turning a blind eye to this still? it's beginning to become such a joke
    There was an interesting article posted in the WT section.
    It gave some insight to how dupers operate, and made it pretty clear that it's hard for Blizzard to actually permafix dupes.
    I highly doubt Blizz will ever be able to permafix ALL dupe methods, simply due to the nature of how dupes work as well as how persistent and determined dupers are.
    Code will always have flaws. Blizzard's code is always changing. A fix today might not persist tomorrow due to a minor change.
    Generally, Blizzard fixes dupes as they happen.
    And while it may seem like Blizzard isnt doing anything because the dupes keep happening, reality might very well be that they ARE squashing dupe methods, but dupers have another ready to exploit in a matter of a week.

    While we WTs and the rest of the community don't support cheating, nor do we tolerate any talk of it in favor of using it to our advantage (we can talk all day about how it works and how it affects us in a negative way), I will say this:
    Do one of 2 things.
    1) report
    2) take advantage

    I don't recommend buying dupers' supplies, unless you genuinely have claim to ignorance. While you may not get banned (except in extreme cases), chances are you might log in the next day with your gold/items that were duped removed.

    There are, however, ways to legally and safely take advantage of dupes. It just takes some smart thinking.

    For those who are just experiencing dupes for the first time, or curious about them, I recommend reading up on this:

    So, TL;DR, try to avoid buying from dupers and don't get discouraged. Play it smart.
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    Get ready to laugh....I don't know what blood spirit is. I will check wowhead.
    ok gotcha its the essence of destruction or primordial saronite.
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    Seeing level 1 selling these on my server right now too, haven't talked to him though.



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