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    Recent botters

    Hmm, on my server in the past week alone, supply of ore and herbs have gone up nearly 10 fold. Ore was avging 75-100g a stack. Now i can buy it at 25 easy. As a result, price of metas have gone from 1750ish to 400. gems have gone from 100 to maybe 20. this has only been happening the last week or so.

    Now I have bought nearly 10 guild banks slots full of ore for a fraction of the normal price. It was ok before this, but it just TANKED completely this week. 4 different sellers are selling every possible meta cut, gem cut for small fractions of normal. When i try to buy to reset, they post auctions of 100 of each meta. I was wondering if this was happening on any other servers as well and where it has worsened in the past few days.

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    There was a huge influx of botters on my server last week and ore prices plummeted. Unfortunately they all seem gone now and prices are back up.

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    My server GI drops, comes up a bit then starts the cycle over. A few days ago it was low thirties but now back up to 40g/stack of GI.

    I think the question is what is normal - the old price or the new?

    If ore is 25g a stack then 400g metas are way, way overpriced.
    12 stacks of ore is 1 (pre-proc) meta, 2R, 2B, 2Y and 72 uncommon. If that is 300g then the math is something like, for example
    120g meta, 100g for uncommons and 20g per red and 10g for b & y rates. At 25g ore then jcs would have to be pleased to sell a meta for 200g on a competitive server.

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    I am pretty sure the bots on my server are horde side...hope this doesn't happen, but if it does I'll buy everything

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    Glad I saw this thread, bots are not on my server yet...I still have to pay 80g a stack for green tea, and 140g for fool's cap.
    Ok, bots are coming. Thanks for the tip or I would have purchased more today for the upcoming faire.



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