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Thread: A 1k Journey.

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    A 1k Journey.

    Hi all,

    I've just recently decided to get into the AH and learn how to make money, after four years of playing and being constantly broke.

    I normally love to blog, but I don't feel like I have the time to set up a blog and update regularly with this, so I figured I'd create a thread on the Consortium where I will keep posting my progress and setbacks whenever I feel like it. Please join in with advice, questions or comments as you see fit.


    I've been playing WoW since the middle of the Burning Crusade, and never meddled with the AH. The most I've had in gold at any time was 8k. I used to vendor all my green drops, only sold gathering materials on the AH, and spent way too much on glyphs, enchants and BOE's. I have no crafting professions maxed.

    My starting capital is 1k.

    What I have going for me:

    On my server, the EU RP server Sha'tar, I have 2 max-level characters. One paladin, and one druid. They are both tanks. I also have a level 80 priest.

    My first week on the AH:

    I created a bank alt and sent him 1k to use. I installed Auctioneer, Panda and Auctionator. I don't have TSM yet though, and am still unsure if I need it.

    I scan the AH three times a day - in the morning, midday, and evening.

    The first couple of days I do very little trading on the AH, as I focus on building up some cash and let Auctioneer scan so I know what to buy and what not to buy. I try to follow the Millionaire's AH guide on here.

    To make cash, I take my druid to Outland with a stash of gold to do the Outland run and re-post everything on the AH. I also let the druid complete the Mechanical Chickens quests. This is all done on the first day, and I post the Chicken on the AH for 5,5k gold. I leveled my priest from 80 to 81 and made 1k gold in the process. I send 50% of my earned money to the bank alt to play with, and keep the rest so I have something to fall back on if my AH adventures fail.

    The next two days are spent farming on my Druid. I have decided to make him a scribe, so I farm all the mats needed to max him out. Every glyph I create I send to my banker who puts them on the AH. They are moving slow though, so I'm not making more until most of the other ones sell.

    By now I'm noticing some bargains. At least I think they are. I buy pets and repost them at a higher value, and I buy recipes and plans and repost them as well. That, along with the profits from the Outland run, puts me at 2k. I stay away from weapons and armor right now, because they seem to move slowly on the AH, so unless I can find a good deal I stay out of that market.

    My chicken sells and puts me at 7,5k gold.

    I also found an epic posted way too low, bought it for 200g and reposted it for 600g. An unfortunate AH-seller posted a crafted PVP belt (Ornate Pyrium I think) for only 7g. I snapped it up and reposted it for 300g.

    Today, I found myself with 9,2k gold earned. That's a profit of 8,2k gold. I also started working on jewelcrafting as a profession for my Paladin, and my priest will take up tailoring and enchanting once JC is maxed.

    I also bought a port to Dalaran and did the Dalaran run. That set me back down to 8,6k. And as with the Outland run, I'm a bit nervous if things will really sell or not. On the other hand, I know I can make 500g in a day.

    My goal right now is to crack 10k earned before the week is up. I have 92 auctions up and running, and will be back later to report on how things are going.

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    Good luck. With a little dedication, the gold will roll in like crazy. Get those professions in line and you are good to go. I would recommend JC and Enchanting.

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    Money doesn't grow on trees. Money simply grows with money, keep it up.

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    Cool post. Looks like you're prioritizing well.

    Might as well make a placeholder post in the millionaires thread .
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    Nice read and a good plan. Fingers are crossed for you . Another great post here on the forums is also maybe worth a look for you:
    Cashing in on entry level Cata gear

    I am looking for these items on a daily basis and you often find some of them very cheap (10-30g) and within a couple of days they are resold for 150 - 220g.

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    What other lower level alts do you have?

    If you want to truly get some of the best advice available to any gold maker, it would be to get as many maximum level professions as possible so that you can broaden your market involvement - and that means getting more characters to level 75+

    It's just something that you should keep in mind throughout this journey, there is no harm in logging onto an alt or two every few days to dungeon grind out that rested xp bonus.
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    Thanks for the kind comments!

    @Dizzy - Thanks for the tip. I'm keeping an eye on the market, but I think there are other people using that idea, because most of the entry-level gear with three stats on them are reasonably priced. I'm keeping an eye out in case something comes up though.

    @Sterling - Thanks, might take you up on that. =)

    @Sinshroud - First, many thanks for your guides. Love them! I have an 85 paladin (A), 85 druid (A), 85 dk (H), 85 hunter (H), 81 priest (A), 76 warrior (H), 40 mage (A), 27 rogue (A). I might consider moving some of the higher hordies to A via a faction change since I much prefer A, and it's the dominating faction on my server? Your advice is duly noted and appreciated. Since I'm obviously an altoholic, that's just what I needed - a further reason to keep producing alts.

    My AH adventures are going great. The Dalaran run works on my server, although I stayed away from buying too many of the RP elements from the run. Only bought a few to see what sells. The shirts aren't quick movers, but the hats sold for 150g within 24 hours, so I'll keep posting those every other day.

    As a newbie AH:er, it always surprises me to see that people are willing to pay so much for vendor items. I was always of the mind that if you wanted something from a vendor, you'd just go get it yourself. But I guess a large portion of the population on a server is either uneducated or lazy when it comes to vendor items. And I can see a slight shift in my attitude as well now that I've got more cash on my bankalt than I've ever had on a character before. If there's something I want, I can check the AH first, and if it's only 25g, I think "well, it would save me a trip". But I still don't buy it just yet. Still frugal. But that might change with time.

    Another strategy I'm employing is to never buy an item that costs 10 percent or more of my liquid cash. At first, that meant not buying anything that cost more than 100g. Now I can afford to spend just shy of 1k on an item.

    I have cracked 10k on saturday morning and at the time of writing I have 10.8kg, so my original goal is reached. My new goal is to reach 25k by the end of next week!
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    Well, it's time for another update.

    Since we last talked, I've maxed enchanting and jewelcrafting. I don't buy any ore off the AH right now - on Sha'tar, it costs 160g/stack right now. So I've taken to doing one route in the morning and one in the evening in Twilight Highlands. That nets me about 100 ore per run, that I save up until tuesdays before prospecting. I'm currently trying to max alchemy but have some way to go, so a guildmember has helped me with transmutes to inferno rubys. Right now I'm trying to put my JC tokens to use by checking the AH for which of the other cuts except for rubies sell well, since I'm sitting on about 30 of each. My uncommon and rare rings that I craft get sent to my enchanter who DE's them and either creates scrolls or sells the raw materials, depending on what seems best.

    I only sell my Inferno Ruby's on wednesdays, since people usually get gear upgrades then and a single ruby can net me 350g/ea. This wednesday I made 12k with the shuffle. Other days they sell at about 280g/ea.

    Defender's Demonseye sells at 130g, for example, while the uncut gem goes for much less.

    I do my inscription every day and make a new batch every third day or so. I try to buy herbs when they cost max. 5.5 gold per ink to make sure I have a good margin. I have to farm a lot of whiptail myself, or buy mostly during weekends when they go down to about 40g instead of 60. The glyphs are doing well though - I log in and undercut my competition three or four times per day, and I'm recording better and better sales every day.

    Hitting 25k took me nearly two weeks. I blew a chunk on maxing enchanting, and have been less prominent in the flipping business. But once I started being able to do the shuffle, things have taken off. Last sunday I had 23k gold, and this week I've blown past my expectations and am now sitting at 47k gold with auctions of 50k on the AH. I'm really looking forward to hitting a milestone either this weekend, or early next week, as I make my way toward 50k.

    Except for wednesdays, or mini-xmas as I like to think of them, I make anywhere from 1-3k per day, depending on how my enchants are doing. Glyphs are good, but usually I just log on to find another 500g or so sitting in my mailbox, or 1k in the morning. Still, it feels good, and I've rewarded myself with 310% flying on my pally. I think constantly giving yourself small rewards to keep yourself motivated is really important.

    I'd also like to warn people of buying the "A treatise of strategy" DMF-item. It's been hotfixed by Blizzard and now has a higher droprate, so prices should plummet. On my realm they are hard sells at 3,5k right now. I luckily noticed it this morning as I contemplated buying one at 5k to flip.
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    This got scary fast.

    Not even 24 hours after my last post, someone started posting elementium ore at 99g/stack. I've mailed him in-game and told him that I'm willing to buy it all straight from him if we cut out the AH. I've also bought every single stack he posted, which amounted to nearly 15 000 gold. So a couple of hundred stacks.

    I have powerleveled my Alchemist and will reach Cataclysm-levels today, so I'm well set up right now.

    It's just a bit scary - blowing nearly 30% of my savings on something like this, instead of being forced to grind it out myself like I've done previously. But 99g I figure I should be able to make back easily. Right? RIGHT?

    *sweats profusely*

    I hope I made the right call here.

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    Diving in is always a good call as long as you've bought the ore at profitable margins still. You did good.
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