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    Consortium Anthology: Greatest Hits Edition

    The purpose of this thread is to provide a compilation of threads from the consortium forums that is useful for reference to commonly asked questions. If you think of other topics to include let me know, and I'll add them.


    Item Flipping Snatch Lists
    Items Worth Having on a Snatch List
    Auctionator Shopping List
    The Undermine Journal Snatch List

    Limited Supply Routes
    Semi-Automate Limited Supply Gathering
    Thoughts on Flipping Recipes in General
    Outlands Limited Supply Route
    Ironfourge Limited Supply Route
    Thunderbluff Limited Supply Route
    Reselling Recipe: Roasted Moongraze Tenderloin
    Dalaran Limited Supply Route
    Old Hillsbrad Vendor Items
    Reselling Executioner
    Converting Frozen Orbs for Profit
    Profiting from Sporregar Rep

    Other Fund Raising Methods
    Reselling 77-80 Cataclysm Gear
    Mechanical Chicken Farming Guide
    Creating and Selling Profession Kits
    Selling Reputation Kits
    Operating as a Taxi for Achievements
    Leveling 1-85 Farming Mob Loot
    Silithus: Encrypted Twilight Text
    Farmable Quest Items
    Dead Mire Bog, Underbog, Steamvault Dungeon Farming
    Sulfuron Hammer Crafting
    Dark Iron Ore Aquisition
    Blasted Lands: flawless Draenethys Sphere Farming
    Recipe: Undermine Clam Chowder
    Farming Primals in Outlands
    Shadowmoon Valley Farming
    Converting Frozen Orbs to Eternals etc.
    Taking Advantage of Popular Profession Leveling Guides
    Transmogrification Part I
    Transmogrification Part 2
    Low Level Markets
    Niche Markets
    Profiting from Professions at Low Levels

    Farming More Efficiently
    Bug with Nodes Appearing on Minimap
    Herb, Ore Farming Routes
    More Enjoyable Gathering
    Mining from Level 1 through 40
    Gathering from Level 1 through 40

    Holiday Events
    Feast of Winter Veil Part 1
    Feast of Winter Veil Part 2
    Children's Week
    Hallow's End
    Hallow's End
    Reselling Hallow's End Items
    Lunar Festival
    Pilgrim's Bounty

    Profitably Leveling Professions
    Profitable Leveling Guide: Enchanting
    Profitable Leveling Guide: Alchemy
    ProfitableLeveling Guide: Blacksmithing
    Profitting From Profession Bottlenecks
    Synergistic Professions
    Optimal Race, Class Combination for Professions



    Selling Scrolls
    Selling Scrolls

    Material Aquisition
    Gathering Enchanting Materials for all Content Eras
    Gathering Enchant Materials with Leatherworking
    Disenchant Table Probabilities
    Shopping for Missing Enchanting Materials
    Profit from WotLK Disenchanting
    Qualitative Discussion on the Enchanting Profession
    Shopping for Items to Disenchant on the Auction House
    Estimating Enchanting Material Costs produced by JC Shuffles
    Converting Between Essence Types
    Disenchanting PVP Vendor Items
    Disenchanting Timbermaw Hold Rep Items

    Conversation on whether an Alchemist Should Keep Procs or Not

    Thoughts on Flasks
    Elixir of Major Strength

    Note: deepstone oil is used in making vial of the sands

    Selling Potions Profitably

    Cataclysm Transmutes

    Note: Other transmutes worth looking into include: Arcanite Bars, Titanium Bars, WotLK epic gems, and Primal Might, TBC Primals, Classic WoW Essences

    Herbalism Vertical Monopoly
    At What Point Does a Vertical Monopoly Fall Under Its Own Weight?
    Trading Inks Before Expansion Ink Trading Changes
    Mysterious Fortune Card Odds of Winning

    Optimizing Glyph Operations on a Single Toon

    Darkmoon Faire Cards, Decks, Trinkets
    Darkmoon Faire Card Production Cost and Profits
    Alternative Guide to Making Gold with Darkmoon Cards
    When to Sell Darkmoon Faire Cards
    Are Darkmoon Cards Really Random?

    Mysterious Fortune Cards
    Pricing Mysterious Fortune Cards

    Rituals of the New Moon
    Crafting Dust of Disappearance

    Milling Macros
    Milling Mindlessly

    Implementing an Ore Vertical Monopoly
    Determining Ceiling Price on Ore Stacks
    Stede's Cataclysm Ore Shuffling Analysis
    Saronite Shuffle (WotLK)
    Useful Ore Shuffling Macros
    Sterling's Cataclysm Ore Shuffling Analysis
    Perceived Ore Drought Part 1
    Perceived Ore Drought Part 2
    Acquiring WotLK Gems
    Monetizing Jewelcrafting With No Rare/Epic Cuts

    Icy Prism Crafting
    Nightmare Tears

    Cataclysm Tailoring Shuffle
    Embersilk Bags
    Profiting from PVP Gear
    Spell Threads
    White Bandit Mask
    Tailoring Shirts
    Chaos Orbs

    Making Enchanting Rods
    Selling Enchanting Rods
    Belt Buckles Part 1
    Belt Buckles Part 2

    Note: other items worth crafting are weapon chains, PVP items, and current tier epic patterns (do research on the epic crafted items though before waltzing into that market)

    Trading Cataclysm Leathers for Profit
    Mining Bags
    Leg Armors, Bags, Drums
    Clefthide Leg Armor
    Herbalist Gloves
    Deviate Scale Belt

    Profitable Engineering Markets
    Mote Extractor Part 1
    Mote Extractor Part 2

    You'll Feel Right As Rain Achievement
    Profiting from the Cooking Daily
    Fortune Cookies

    Acquiring Vial of the Sands

    Titansteel Bars

    Volatile Fire

    Note: Fishing in Tol'Borad from the Junk Fishing Pools is also an alternative way to make gold with fishing


    How To: Cross Faction Trading
    Monitor and Stop Competitors Cross-Faction Trading
    Cross-faction Recipe Flipping
    Flipping WotLK Argent Tournament Pets
    Moving Gold from One Faction to Another
    Double Realm Transfers
    Dealing With Bots, Campers, Cartels, Vendettas, Market Crashes
    Reacting to Emotional Auction House Players Part 1
    Reacting to Emotional Auction House Players Part 2
    Countering Crashed Markets Part 1
    Countering Crashed Markets Part 2
    Countering Crashed Markets Part 3
    Countering Crashed Markets Part 4
    Aggressive Market Posting
    Stockpile Constantly
    The Good Samaritan
    Dealing With Bots
    Thoughts on Cartels Part 1
    Thoughts on Cartels Part 2

    Posting Strategy
    Using Remote Desktop Connection to Post Auctions
    Posting from Bank Alts
    Designing a Crafting Empire
    When to Reset Markets Part 1
    When to Reset Markets Part 2
    When to Reset Markets Part 3
    Selling Different Stack Sizes
    Why Sell at Different Stack Sizes?
    Heavy Undercuts: Flawed Thinking?
    General Gold Tips: A Retrospective
    Diversify Trade Goods to Avoid Killing Markets
    Selling Uber Rare Items
    The Reverse Wall
    Taking Advantage of Items with Low Deposits

    Reinvesting Income
    Doing Original Gold Making Research
    Combatting Inflation
    Stockpiling Before a Patch
    Combatting Inflation using Pets
    How Much to Invest?
    Stockpiling Before Patches
    Is Buying TCG Items Worth It?
    Purchasing Items on the AH
    Stockpiling Pets for 5.0

    Awesome Addons and Tools

    Tradeskill Master
    Collection of Guides for Dual Account Setup, Initial Setup, Importing Accounting Data

    The Undermine Journal
    The Undermine Journal
    Making the Most Out of The Undermine Journal

    Consortium Key Sender (Procesing and Posting Efficiently)
    Quick AutoHotKey Guide to Legitimate Background Processing, Posting
    Pilaski's Guide to Using Consortium Key Sender
    Keeping WoW Settings in Sync Between Computers
    Monitor Competitor's Crafting

    Other Auction Addons

    General Gold Making Concepts

    Short Sales
    Inflation in WoW
    Operating a Pawn Shop in WoW
    General Profession Profitable Crafting Analysis
    Dealing with an Automatically Triggered Ban Part 1
    Dealing With an Automatically Triggered Ban Part 2
    Acquiring a Farmer using their Native Tongue
    Befriending a Chinese Farmer
    Auction House Ethics Part 1
    Auction House Ethics Part 2
    Auction House Ethics Part 3
    Thoughts on how to Determine Most Profitable Gold Making Activity
    Profitting from Weekly Maintenance
    Outsourcing in WoW
    Taking Into Account Item Suffix When Determining Price Points
    Cornering Markets in General
    Capitalizing on Initial Expansion Scroll Flooding
    Stockpiling in General

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    Hey ... that's excellent! Thanks for this "collection"

    Just one thing - I am not sure if you wanted to post links in the "restricted area" as well. But there is definately one link, which I cannot open ("Combatting inflation").
    Last edited by Rothschildo; December 27th, 2011 at 03:01 AM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rothschildo View Post
    Hey ... that's excellent! Thanks for this "collection"

    Just one thing - I am not sure if you wanted to post links in the "restricted area" as well. But there is definately one link, which I cannot open ("Combatting inflation").
    Ah, let me double check those. I definitely don't want to include the links from there as not eveyrone can view them.

    @Rothschildo, a comparable thread replaced the previous one now

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    Hey ... that was very fast! I am still flipping through differnet threads

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    Well done @Reverb ! Some of these threads slipped through my net while i was away from wow, i'll have to go back through and take a looksee.

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