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    Enchanting 1-525 kit

    I'm currently in the process of putting together a 1-525 enchanting kit; but, I don't have enough Infinite Dust.

    I've checked the auction house for Abyss Crystals to shatter and Infinite Dust, there isn't very much on there and the stuff that is on there is overpriced. I also tried posting in trade, but didn't find any. I am wondering what the fastest way to get Infinite Dust would be. Would it be fastest to run WotLK heriocs and shatter the abyss crystals?

    I'm following this guide:
    WoW Enchanting Guide 1-525 | Enchanting Leveling Guide.

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    Saronite Shuffle imo and cheap blacksmithing crafts.

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    If you can get cheap saronite ore then yes, I'd suggest crafting with either blacksmithing or Jewelcrafting and then disenchanting it. If you're running heroics for abyss crystals to shatter, try the ICC dungeons because each boss will drop an epic.

    And don't forget you can always uncommon items from the AH.

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    Yep - Saronite Shuffle, or look for the green quality gems from the shuffle on the cheap. EVery server is different, but you may want to look for them at 1.6g or less, which may not be easy to find.
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    I tried the Saronite shuffle, but there wasn't enough ore and I wasn't getting enough Infinite Dust. So, I waited a day and spammed trade for Abyss Crystals to shatter, luckily I was able to rip someone off and get 84 of them for 10g a piece.

    I am now finished my Enchanting 1-525 kit and I'm not sure how much to ask for it, the mats currently cost around 25k on the auction house.

    How much do you think I should ask for this?



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