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Thread: Investing gold?

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    Investing gold?

    With real world cash, it is normal practice to only keep a limited amount of it, and invest the rest at least in safe and liquid financial instruments.

    But in WoW, is there any way to invest significant amounts of gold in something more productive than leaving them in the inventory, while still relatively liquid and low risk?
    Do people with large amounts of gold just keep most of it in the inventory, or is it commonly invested in something?

    The only thing I can think of is to buy stuff from the auction house (or perhaps vendors) that will almost surely go up in price, but all things I can think of are either sure to go down in price, or have an unpredictable outlook due to the unknown impact of future patches.

    Any tips?

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    I keep some of my change invested in various stockpiles. I think it's pretty hard to make long-term investments, and it's best to be dynamic and reactive to the ever-changing economies.

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    Investing gold is extremely hard to do in WoW apart from around patches/expansions as items generally trend downward in value over time. The 'easiest' way to invest large amounts of gold is outside of patch changes/expansions in flipping high value, rare items.

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    No, I've often thought about this myself. I know other games have "rare" items that people buy & trade, for example "Party Hats" in Runescape. I know of nothing like that in WoW.
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    The only thing I can think of in WoW that will predictably increase in price over time would be the TCG items, and even those are subject to the whims of the developer if they decide to introduce a very similar item available via in-game methods. There are items/recipes that sometimes get removed from the game, but that's extremely rare and unpredictable. Everything else is going to decrease in price over time. Spikes happen (hello 4.2 truegold), but over the long haul, almost everything loses value.

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    If you see mats - ores, herbs - so cheap that you know it can hardly get any cheaper - we are talking about less than 15g a stack here - you can buy them and hold somewhere until a patch, then simply resell. One thing I dearly wish I had done if I could was to buy up all the cheap herbs floating around before 4.2. They have gone up 3-5 times. If I had just spent all my gold on them instead of my stockpile, I would have been many times better off.

    Other things would be something related to the legendary staff. Is there anything resellable about it? I know that items from the ICC legendary quest (mount, tabard etc.) are going to only increase in value, given how rare they are.
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    There are no blue-chip equivalent items in WoW that are readily available and affordable to use as a safe investment.

    However, there is also no inflation between expansions and potentially patches so there's not too much point in investing for such little gains anyway.

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    I don't know if this is an economically appropriate approach to the issue, but something else to do is to think about gold itself as a commodity. In general, gold never loses its utility or experiences a lack of demand. If I'm sitting on 700K, and in general other commodities drop between today and tomorrow, I just went from 700K to 700K - but now I can buy more with that 700K than I could before, so in a way I became more wealthy without even moving a copper.

    I invest heavily for specific patches, but after thinking about things from this perspective I don't mind finding myself sitting on massive quantities of coin anymore - at least when there's not a specific opportunity to take advantage of, since my gold is working for me already without any meddling on my part at all. The trick, then, is to know when to jump in on other commodities you expect to appreciate in value faster than your gold can by itself. Or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syncness View Post
    There are no blue-chip equivalent items in WoW that are readily available and affordable to use as a safe investment.

    However, there is also no inflation between expansions and potentially patches so there's not too much point in investing for such little gains anyway.
    If you're willing to take a long position in commodities, you can invest, but as stated above it's only just before expansions.

    Before Cata, I bought any and all saronite ore for under 13 gold a stack, which is the vendor price. There were people so happy to dump that stuff, that I was able to buy hundreds of ore in the 8 gold a stack range.

    At that price I could not lose money. But I wasn't going to make much either. But what I did was sit on it. I kept it all in one of my alt's guild bank. It was stuffed with saronite when Cata started. And I kept an eye on the AH.

    Prices for bars and ore started to creep up. But I waited. I finally started putting it up for sale when I was able to get north of 80 gold a stack for bars. The vendor price is 25 gold. This week I'll probably sell off my final stacks, for about 90 gold or so a stack. At times I was getting 100 gold, as people power leveled black smithing on toons that did not have mining OR that they did not want to waste time mining on.

    So at an investment of maybe 16-20 gold a stack, I wound up being able to get 80 gold and up a stack. But that was with an expansion. People decide to dump old mats, without seeing what the vendor price would be. They would have been better off vendoring stuff, if they did not want to hold that position into the latest expansion. And to do what I did and have it result in some meaningful gold, you have to be willing to dump a lot of gold into X and then hold X until it sky rockets in price. If you're not sitting on a lot of gold, you may not want to tie up that much in something like this.

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    I feel like is something that has stable demand and market and when big amount of the price comes from vendor mats, I feel like it's a good midterm investment with around 15% average income.

    If remember right, the legendary staff only needs , and most people who are getting the staff know where to get it and at what price. About the ICC-epics, what I feel like that they aren't too rare, but inflation and "spare gold" are making their price go up.