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    Post Zul's Gold Journal

    Hello, everyone! I've been lurking here and reading several gold making blogs for the past month or so, and I've already started to put some of the lessons I've learned here into practice. I didn't start keeping a daily record of my gold until a week into my venture in goblinism, but I thought it would be prudent to start doing so in this journal. I hope that others can benefit from this; if not, at least I will have the records here for my own curiosity.

    I played World of Warcraft during vanilla, but stopped playing when Burning Crusade was released. When Wrath was released some friends convinced me to make a new account (my current one) and join them. I took a yearlong break from February 2010-February 2011, and came back to characters with ICC gear, a few silver, a guild bank half full of old items and not much else.

    I am a raider at heart, and quickly hit 85 and started raiding again with some old former guildmates. Dailies and raiding barely covered my bills as I continued to get new gear that needed gems and enchants, so I started selling off items from my bank alt's vault, as well as cutting and selling gems on my main.

    For the previous month or so, I had been lurking here and on several gold making blogs reading what strategies have worked for others and learning the ins and outs of some of the addons mentioned (primarily TSM). I had also performed full scans of the auction house on a daily basis, using the scan data along with The Undermine Journal to get a feel for various markets and figure out who my competition would be (you can find my initial conclusions and strategies in the next post).

    On April 30, after selling several Rise of the Zandalari BoEs and the small cache of pre-Cataclysm mats that had been collecting dust in my bank alt's bags, I found myself with about 32k gold and a nearly-empty five tab guild bank. My reserves exhausted, I decided it was time to begin my life as a goblin.

    85 deathknight (535 Jewelcrafting, 525 Leatherworking)
    85 priest (525 Tailoring, 525 Enchanting*)
    85 druid (525 Mining, 525 Skinning)
    37 Rogue (300 Inscription, 150ish Herbalism)
    Bank alt (no professions)

    *On May 9 (ten days into my venture) I decided to drop 525 Engineering on my priest in order to pick up Enchanting. I ended up maxing out Enchanting and doubling my gold investment in the profession that day.

    Gold totals (liquid)
    140485g 71s 06c
    2011-05-20: 134462g 36s 14c
    2011-05-19: 128320g 62s 23c
    2011-05-18: 123770g 97s 40c
    2011-05-17: 117524g 93s 36c
    2011-05-16: 112354g 61s 8c
    2011-05-15: 106102g 53s 30c
    2011-05-14: 102791g 87s 87c
    2011-05-13: 95645g 46s 20c
    2011-05-12: 88523g 32s 91c
    2011-05-11: 83625g 43s 58c
    2011-05-10: 76777g 08s 39c
    2011-05-08: 70457g 71s 1c
    2011-04-30: 32036g 16s 93c

    Unfortunately, I had not properly set up my addons on April 30, so I don't have any specific information for the period between April 30 and May 8.
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    Here are my strategies and observations for each of the markets in which I am involved:

    Ore on my server is cheap: I regularly see for around 25g/stack, for 30g/stack and for 85g/stack. Depending on ore and gem prices, I sometimes buy 50-60 stacks of Obsidium for prospecting, handling the prospecting results as follows…
    Carnelian: Craft into for disenchanting
    Hessonite: Craft into for disenchanting
    Alicite: Sell uncut or craft into for disenchanting
    Jasper, Zephyrite, Nightstone: Sell uncut
    Rare gems: cut and sell (I have all but a handful of rare gem cuts)

    Uncut Ember Topaz and Demonseye tend to sell for 15-20g on my server, with most cuts going for 60-100g. Dream Emerald, Amberjewel and Ocean Sapphire sell for about 5-10g uncut, with the most popular cuts going for 25-55g. The price for cut Inferno Rubies, on the other hand, sits just under 100g but the uncut gems tend to cost just as much (or sometimes more) than the finished product. I'm still not sure how I'll go about stocking up on Inferno Rubies for 4.2, but transmuting Carnelian might become a viable option if the price of Greater Celestial Essence falls.

    This one is easy: I can regularly spend 300g on mats for and and sell the end product for 800g or more. I'm also amazed at the number of times I've been able to convert scraps or regular Savage Leather to Heavy Savage Leather or Pristine Hides and make a 25% (or higher) profit with just a few clicks.

    Rare-quality spellthreads don't sell well on my server, so I haven't been doing much with this aside from crafting and selling s. I have also been stockpiling most of my Dreamcloth in anticipation of crafting spellthreads and new BoEs when Patch 4.2 hits.

    This profession has wonderful synergy with Jewelcrafting. Using WoW Popular and UMJ, I've made a list of the most popular enchants for each spec as well as a few other profitable enchants; I keep at least one scroll of each of these enchants up on the AH at all times, 2-3 of each for the ones that cost relatively little to create. is another possible source of income here.

    I quickly figured out the same thing that everyone else has about the glyph market: it is impossible for one person to dominate this market. Instead, I used TSM to ensure that I have one of each glyph with a minimum 4g profit up at all times. My schedule allows me to cancel/relist my glyphs several times per day when I have been undercut (since margins in this market tend to be tight, I undercut by one copper to maximize profit).

    Rather than farming herbs myself (which would be detrimental to the amount of gold I earn per hour), I buy herbs/pigment/ink from the AH when it's cheap. I tend to make about 800g a day on glyphs with about twenty minutes of work a day; sometimes more, sometimes less. The most significant thing I could do to increase profits in this market at this point would be to level my rogue to 75 (or at least 50) so that I can train Inscription higher and craft more glyphs.

    Thanks to low ore prices on my server, I can make a tidy profit by buying ore, smelting it into bars and selling the bars on the auction house. I also send some of the bars to a blacksmith friend along with some Volatile Earths, and he crafts stacks of for me. Mats tend to cost about 100g per buckle, with each buckle selling for around 340g on Monday-Thursday (my server's most popular raid nights).
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    14 May, 2011
    I've just reached my first milestone: 100k gold liquid on my bank alt! For reference, I started with 32k gold two weeks ago and just hit 75k four days ago. I'm getting a much better feel for how I should handle each market and my competitors, but I know there's still a lot to learn.

    UMJ has helped me outmaneuver my competitors in several markets (particularly glyphs and gems), but I did have one competitor in particular that has taken a bit of creativity to deal with. He spends quite a bit of time keeping track of his auctions, and if I followed his posting history on UMJ to determine when I could post gems without being undercut immediately, I would be conceding over half of my day to him. I decided this was unacceptable and did some more research, starting with an Armory search for his character.

    I quickly discovered something that would end up giving me a huge advantage: he is a member of a friend's guild. A few discreet whispers later, I had a list of my competitor's alts and added them to my friend list. After observing his behavior for a day, I was able to adapt my gem posting strategy: rather than undercutting him immediately after he posts and logs out, I've identified three characters on which he conducts AH business and started waiting until he enters a dungeon or logs off those characters altogether. Perhaps he has another alt that my friend doesn't know about, but if he does he isn't watching the AH with it; I've been able to move nearly three times as many gems since I started watching this competitor more closely and posting when he is busy.

    On another note, here's a rough breakdown of my income sources if anyone is interested:
    ~28% each from Leatherworking and Jewelcrafting (these have actually been within 200g of each other for the past several days)
    ~18% from Enchanting (mostly scrolls, but also some lower level mats)
    ~12% from Inscription (I know I will be able to make significantly more here once I level up my scribe a bit more)
    ~8% from Tailoring (mostly bags, but a few blue-quality spellthreads)
    ~6% from various other activities (mostly the sale of Ebonsteel Belt Buckles and Obsidium/Elementium/Pyrite bars)
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    Grats on the 100k, it only gets easier from there one - keep going!
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    Nice story, Zul - and grats on 100k! Just like when people say Wow begins at max level, I will second what Sinshroud said about it! Have fun, and keep the diary going, I always enjoy reading about what others are doing to amass their fortunes!
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