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    Have a spare Alchemist? Park it in Hyjal!

    There is a lot of discussion in the Speculation section regarding moving an Alchemist from Air to Fire. I will leave the specifics and my opinion to those threads; however if you are one of the people who has decided to do this and you have a spare alt to do it, there's no reason to leave it in SW/ORG anymore.

    First, the proc can occur in any part of Hyjal, so you don't need to be at a specific area (I know you know that, but I'm being thorough). This means you can transmute elements as soon as you zone into Hyjal and get your V.Fire.

    BUT, don't take that character back to a main city. Why? Because if you fly 1-2 minutes North on that character, you can reach Everlook in Winterspring. There is a Neutral AH there, as well as a bank. And most importantly, the vendor is hanging out in the Inn!

    So rather than popping your alt into and out of Hyjal for a quick transmute, you can keep it there, and reap continuing rewards. Or, if you are so inclined, keep the character parked in Everlook itself, with a quick flight to the Northern mountains of Hyjal for the transmute.
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    +1 rep = nice idea!
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    Better yet, just park a goblin in the inn and buy the cubs for 10g less than everyone else.



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