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    Anyone have tips for server transferring profit?

    Anyone have tips for server transferring profit?
    Anyone have any tips for hastening the process of server transfering profit?

    So far my idea is buy up low cost trade goods (due to quick liquidity) and then try and sell at close to the new servers prices.

    I'm going from a high population (FULL) PvP server to a Medium population PvE server.
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    Only thing i can think of so far is Volatiles, they can easily convert a good amount of money for very little bag space.
    Basicly anything that moves fast but holds a very large value per item, Belt buckles, rare uncut gems,...
    Think it all depends on how much money you need to bring over...
    Best thing you can do now is check the AH of the server you're going to and see what the trade goods are selling for, compare those to your current server and you should have an idea on what to move...
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    s (and of course, if you have access to a Leatherworker, the leg armors).

    From experience, s are significantly cheaper on higher population realms, so those are most likely your best bet.

    and work very well, more so if you have a goblin available. Only bother with these if you have a significant amount of gold to move, as they sell infrequently.

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    I think it also depends a lot about level of progresson on the servers. Your current server, if it's more advanced than the one your moving to, might well have much cheaper BoE epics from the raids. If this is the case these can be very good for transfering with you for profit. This migth be more of a issue with 4.2 comming along at some stage soon but certainyl worth checking out in my view.

    Other than that depedning what trade skills you have look at just shifting the mats ratehr than the crafted products if you can as this means you can either sell the raw mats or craft the items once your there if it's better. This will sometimes mean a few more bag spaces but not much. As always though it depends what amount of gold you have to move across (I think the new limits for gold on a server trasnfer have taken place?).



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